Samsung TS-H652L Firmware needed



Hi do u guys know if theres any firmware that can make this write write at fullspeed on TDK dvds?

i bought a 150 16x tdk +r today and this POS burner will only burn them at 8x while my Verbs burn at 16x on this burner so i know its a firmware issue


Okay, since your TDK discs are supported @8x, then Samsung engineers decided this for the media is not good enough to be burnt @16x with this drive.

For firmware sources, please check the FAQ mentioned in my signature. Also check the support website of your computer manufacturer (assuming your drive came preinstalled in your computer).



Well i got 2 pcs one burns at 8x one at 12x


[quote=urrbodyh8sme;2183189]Well i got 2 pcs one burns at 8x one at 12x[/quote]TDK sells media made by several manufacturers under their own brand. Please check both discs with DVD Identifier.