Samsung TS-H552U

Hi I have a Samsung TS-H552U CD/DVD RW drive in my computer and all of sudden the drive does not recognize Cds or DVDs. The computer sees the drive, but the drive seems to not to respond other open/ejecting a disk. I updated the firmware, took it apart looked inside, it’s clean. Just doesn’t seem to function as before.

Can anyone think of anything other than the obvious, getting new DVDRW drive.


Hi and Welcome!

could you please try if you can boot off that drive? You need a bootable CD or DVD for that job. A Linux live disc would be perfect, but other discs like Ultimate Boot CD or even a Windows install disc should do also.
Additionally, you might have to change the boot priority in Bios setup or invoke the boot menu which is present with many motherboards.


If all else fails, then it’s time to get a new drive. FWIW, the 552-series were pretty bad at burning DVDs. Mine didn’t even last a week before I returned it.

:frowning: Thanks, this drive would not even boot. I guess it’s time to get another drive altogether.


Did you downloaded the latest firmware from the samsung website?
The latest version is US09:
If the firmware update didn’t returned the burn functions to the drive, it’s probabely defective.