Samsung TS-H552U



Well i bought this external recorder and when i hook it up i cant get it to burn. i have got the latest nero, latest firmware and i have tired it on my pc and notebook, i even returned it to the shop and got a replacment and still the same problem.

I load up nero and choose the files i want to burn and then goto burn it starts to burn but then its like it does not bugger, it gos to 5% then when it is about to burn onto the disk its like it just stops, please anyone do you know what is wrong?


Post the text output of Nero Infotool as text file attachment using the Manage Attatchments button so we can have a look at your config.


I think i have done this right, or not when i try to add attatchement i get error.

i uploaded the txt file to here

it is drive G:


Your nero is not the latest version, which is atleast
Which burstrate do you get in cdspeed burst rate test ? Do use use USB2 ? Do you burn a cd or DVD ?


I have tired burning both cd and dvd and i am using 1394 connection, i have tried usb2 and 1 and same thing, and i tried on my laptop with it didnt realise i had on this computer but same thing happens anyway. :frowning:

Burstrate is 21MB/sec


nobody have any idea whats wrong?


just bumping, sorry for the triple post its just i scraped hard to get enouigh money for it and now i cant get it to work, it seems to work with the built in windows xp copying thing now but still no look with nero


What is the MID of the DVD discs that you are using?

Also, I noticed this in your log: Description : Intel Application Accelerator Driver
Try getting rid of that…
A log file from the burn failure in Nero would also help.


The burn in nero does not exactly fail it just starts to try to burn and just stays at 5% or whereever % it gets to as it starts to write the lead in. i left it overnight and when i woke up it was still the same % so i have to unplug it. and the disks i am using work with nero on my internal writer and they work with this writer when i use windows xp built in copying system. i am using the nero that came with the writer and have upgraded to the latest version and everything :frowning:


just tell us the media id and see if it is media issue.
lousy media usually give errors or fail burning


I have this burner with firmware US04 which can be found here.
Try updating your firmware to US04.
I have no problems burning DVD’s via usb2 or firewire but Cd’s are a problem.
Data CD’s are no problem but burning audio or an ISO image are no go just starts to write the leadin then hangs.Tried the latest Nero and DVD Decryptor.
I have tried Verbatim and Sony CD’s.


question … i have a U version of the drive but mine is internal , ps bought it in europe


Hey everyone- new to the forums…

Sigurd- i have the EXACT same problem. I bought the TS-H552u burner a few days ago. I’m using it on my laptop computer, running windows xp (it’s in a Vantec Nextstar 5.25’’ enclosure…)

I’ve tried using Nero (updated), Sonic RecordNow…and the same thing seems to happen everytime- I have YET to make a successful burn. I always get write failures. It’ll go to 5%, i can see it’s working…(the orange LED will be on)…and then it’ll go back to green…and it’ll just fail… I’ve made about 4 coasters already.

I’m not a computer wiz or anything, so I ask…how do I update the firmware? will that really make a difference?

I’d really, really like to get this to work. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


First try it on a desktop PC. Connect to the onboard IDE connector. Run DVD Identifier 4.0 and CD Speed 4.0.