Samsung Ts-h552u windows will not recognize



I have never had this problem with hardware. I have Win XP home, took out the cdrw and installed a Samsung dvd rw 16x, the firmware install worked fine and when I rebooted it worked fine. then I shut down the pc and windows will not recognize. I looked at my cmos and changed a couple things so pnp would work and recognize new hardware and it will recogni ze right then until I shut it off again, it won’t pick it up again. I’m pulling my hair out!! :bow:


After the reboot, does the drive appear in

  1. BIOS?
  2. Device Manager (under Control Panel)?
  3. Windows Explorer?
  4. Nero Burning Rom?
  5. Nero CD-DVD Speed?


immediately after reboot everything in the bios and windows sees the drive. upon shut down then booting (hard boot) the bios sees it but nothing else. I see a setting in the bios that says, “reset pnp to detect new hardware” when I change that to “yes” it sees it in windows (explorer, control panel, everything), but then reboot again and that defaults back to “no” and won’t be seen by windows but shows as having it in the bios.

i also have a “new hardware found-Printer” box that keeps popping up and my printer works fine, connected by usb. i even uninstalled it and disconnected it and it still pops up. weird huh?


Why not reinstall Windows itself? :slight_smile: