Samsung ts-h552u revived from teh dead

well jus though i would let you people know that ma samsung has be revived from the dead with firmware us07

dam it feels good when i jus bought it i was aware that it stopped reading cds -( it was used by the way)

man i flasehed to us06 nothing happened people still didnt read any cdr disc people

came here did my research was saying darn i jus blew up 2000 jamaican dollars on this shit

but my lord i got the us07 from a site mentioned in the forum thanks a lot guys keep up the good work

when i got it the max it would burn in nero is 4x

now flashed and thing it now reports 16x lovely dovely i tell yah

so far it doesnt seem to like jvc blanks as they are 8x but seem to only write at 4x

i using tygo2 blanks yeh them cheapo blanks but im getting the full 8x speed out of them still

so thanks a lot guys

nuff big up all the way from jamaica

oh by the way long live NEC

nec’s are the best

The JVCs are surely not supported correctly, only another firmware update (if there is one) could fix this.
Or ala’s MCSE, if the burner is supported.

yah i know jvc is not supported but i still burnt one and it played good anyway

another thign could some one point me in the right direction for testing the qualtiy of the burnt disc them

With either Nero CD DVD Speed or DVDInfoPro you could test the media/burn quality or with KProbe or Plextools if you have the necessary drives…

Your TS-H552U can use either KProbe or CDSpeed for quality testing. Please refer to the relevant threads below:
For KProbe
For CDSpeed