Samsung TS-H552U Review



On the news page, I found this.

Though CDFreaks has a review of TS-H552B, TS-H552U review is not planned yet. OC-Freak posted MCC004 scan results from TS-H552U US03 firmware written at 16x on the sticky TS-H552B thread.


Samsung TS-H552B
so it is like lite-on’s 2.4x->4x dvd+r dl
firmware upgradeable but samsung want more monye …#)
i think…
no way to toshiba side!!!
tsst strage aliance…


US03 firmware certainly caught me off guard since isn’t that actually a Sony revisioning scheme like US04 for instance? Certainly sounds like another Lite-On OEM type drive… hrm, interesting.


can i update my TS-H552B with TS-H552U firmwares?? what tool do i need to do that?


If my memory is correct you can’t, because they use different chipsets.


spyder i did that myself and it worked :wink: just don’t know if it does burn DL at 4x since I haven’t got none to spare, though I have another question, since this drive uses a Mediatek chipset, are its kprobe tests reliable?


They are identical. According to TSST, only firmware is different. What is different is TS-H552A which is SD-R5372.

TS-H552B = TS-H552U = TS-E552U = Mediatek chipsets and Samsung drive

TS-H542A = 12x Toshiba (similar to TS-H552A) = Toshiba chipsets and Toshiba drive

TS-H552A = 16x Toshiba = SD-R5372 = Toshiba chipsets and Toshiba drive


Look at the sticky thread.


what about the kprobe tests Kenshin? do you know if they’re reliable coming from a TS-H552B@U?


so why Samsung put lower DL speeds on TS-H552B than TS-H552U if they are the same???
i think that this company it’s full of crap and they want that all the people waste every month on a new Samsung DVD burner!!


Hm. KProbe tests from disks burnt in TS-H552B/U? Not as good as Pioneer, LG, BenQ, NEC…


Not exactly every month. There were TS-H542A, TS-H552A, TS-H552B, TS-H552U from TSST in the second half of 2004, but only two from Samsung, and the other two from Toshiba.

TS-H552B should have at least 4x DVD+R DL, and preferably 6x DVD+R DL, but obviously Samsung wanted consumers to buy another drive. :slight_smile:


No, from every disk, I want to know if the tests that I get from KProbe using this drive as reader are reliable :slight_smile:

I’m asking this because I’ve tried testing the media I’ve burned using my TS-H552U, on my laptop (it has a Lite-on dvd recorder SDW-431S) and on Sky -r 4x media (MAM4XG01) I get like an avg of 400 PI and a max of 8 PIF and when I do the same exact test on the same exact DVD on my TS-H552U I get an avg of about 100 PI and about 1 PIF, now which one to trust?

There also another thing I’ve noticed, on this media, the laptop Kprobe reads the dvd as low as at 2x speed while when I do the test on the desktop computer, it reads as high as 4,6x

here it goes an image of the read test at nero on the same media:


Can you post your KProbe scan results?



and here follows the report:

Date                     : 22-01-2005 19:57:53
Model                    : 1-0-0-0 F:TSSTcorpCD/DVDW TS-H552U US03
Disc                     : DVD-R , MAM4XG01 [MAM-E Inc.]
Speed                    : Max
ECC blocks sum (PI/PIF)  : 8/1
Scanned range            : 0 - 2286011
Sampling count           : 133122
Errors                   : 0
PI Max                   : 434
PI Average               : 187,90
PI Total                 : 3145291
PIF Max                  : 6
PIF Average              : 0,37
PIF Total                : 6115


You used “MAX” read speed. Is other speeds selectable? If possible, set it to 4x or 2x.


it’s like nec/pioneer
chipset same drives different…


TS-H552B = TS-H552U (Confirmed from Samsung months ago already.)

ND-3500A = DVR-A08 (X)

Lite-On and Samsung DVD writers, some of them, use MTK chipsets, but many things are different, not to mention that they are completely differently designed and they work independently from each other.


DVD-R Emtec 4x [OPTODISCR004] recorded at 4x:

DVD+R Verbatim DataLifePlus 8x [MCC003] recorded at 4x:


I read the review just now. Just one 16x test and one 2.4x DL test… and that with Ritek 2.4x DL media. And the review says it’s a Toshiba drive. :sad:


you need 2 floppies

  1. DOS boot disk
  2. MTKFLASH.exe (1.83c), MTKFLASH.typ, and the US03.bin
    A very basic how-to:
  • create a DOS boot diskette

  • download Mtkflash and the binary file you want to flash, unzip them and copy to the diskette.

  • boot your machine from the diskette *, at the A:> type:

MTKFLASH # W /B /M filename.BIN

only instead of the # should be:

1 - if the drive is master on primary IDE
2 - for slave on primary
3 - master on secondary
4 - slave on secondary

and instead filename type the EXACT name of the binary file. (Zero is not the same as letter O)

Be VERY precise with spaces!

  • Hit the Enter and wait till process is finished. Remove diskette and reboot

Not sure how your drive is connected?

ATTENTION: The above example is for flashing a BIN file. If the file is HEX don’t use “/B” :
MTKFLASH # W /M filename.HEX

you do it at your own risk &
cross flashing voids your warranty