Samsung TS-H552U Recorder review at CDRInfo

Find it here

5:17min is really amazing if it’s really full 4.38GB

5:17 ???

Hm… Though with only TDK 16x DVD-R media, it is one of the fastest burning speeds.

CDRlabs has reviewed the drive too

I have it - and unfortunately it’s only “ok” with DVD+R media at up to 8x… :frowning:

DVD-R or speeds over 8x is not a good idea with this drive.

I hope the Samsung was the drive you wanted to finish before make a review with the Pioneer 109 :slight_smile: ?

Please bring the Pio-review soon :bow:

Nope - jan70 will review the samsung (I only have an old 552B @ 552U). The review I’m working on now and expecting to finish in a day or two is also of a mediatek based drive - namely the Lite-On SOHW-1673S - which showed some quite unexpected results I’ll say…

Then it’s the pio 109 which have given me a positive first impression with the new 1.40 fw :slight_smile:

Yeah, great news :slight_smile:

I don´t ask more now, maybe I would be surprised :slight_smile: