SAMSUNG TS-H552U Firmware error

[qanda]This thread is about the Samsung TS-H552U. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I’ve accidentally flashed my Samsung TS-H552u drive with incorrect firmware :sad:. The result is that if I access my LG GSA-4163B DVD writer on the same IDE channel to write a DVD, my PC crashes. :a Doesn’t seem to matter if they are in master or slave mode. The Samsung drive identifier shows the firmware versions as 170D & the OEM code as 04/. I’ve tried reflashing it, but neither the SFDNWIN or SFDNDOS flashers will work since even if I add the -NOCHECK or -N parameter they still won’t write the new firmware to the drive. The drive only reads & wrires CDs now - DVDs aren’t recognised. Can anyone help out here?

PS: I’ve tried the MTKFLASH utility for flashing mediatek chipset drives & that doesn’t work either.