Samsung TS-H552U DVD Burner



Thought it was an excellent idea I converted a dvd to ratdvd and then back again. It worked flawlessly and the quality was excellent Just wish it was quicker though:d


I just posted the article Samsung TS-H552U DVD Burner.

Samsung Europe (UK) was kind enough to send us their latest internal DVD writer '“ the Samsung TS-H552U. This drive supports 16x DVD±R, 4x DVD±RW and 6x DVD+R DL writing technology - allowing dual layer discs of 8.5Gb to be written.

This review will 'backup" the Samsung TS-E552U review we posted (10. of April 2005) and we are going to concentrate on the features that the Samsung TS-E552U 'failed" to do. Like real 16x DVD writing/reading, due to the USB-Bridge limitation in the Samsung TS-E522U.

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Download = Access forbidden! I feel rejected!


also rejected :c


Thanks guys it’s been reported. We will get it fixed ASAP!! Edit: Liggy, our site administrator has enabled the download again. :slight_smile:
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Why shouldné½ i use DVDDecrypter or DVDshrink ?


@fugutive, ratdvd has nothing to do with shrink, decrypter, anydvd - it compresses a dvd video_ts folder to app. 50% of its original size. it’s very useful for transferring full dvds to your “friends” on the net.


it should be more fast. at all it’s a great idea.


works but really slow


is there a player tht will play rat files or do u have to convert them :g