Samsung TS-H552C (SH-W162C)

Samsung has another 16x DVD writer named TS-H552C which is also called SH-W162C. The name SH-W162C seems to imply Samsung has restarted using SH- names for Samsung’s own DVD writers. TS-H552A is a Toshiba drive using Toshiba chipset. TS-H552B is a Samsung drive using Mediatek chipset. TS-H552U is TS-H552B with upgraded firmware. TS-H552C is SH-W162C about which I cannot find much information yet.

Here’s Samsung’s specification release information on Samsung Electronics website.

Here’s TS00 firmware release information for SH-W162C (or TS-H552C.)

Date : 2005-06-02

Subject Global distribution

Product DVD-Writer Model SH-W162C F/W Ver. TS00

SH-W162C Global distribution firmware TS00

Tarket model :
- Model : SH-W162C

  - Byuer check : On the label printed serial number => SH-W162C/**** (**** = Buyer) 

Tarket Region : World-wide

Improvement : Newly releaed firmware

:confused: so can we cross flash B to U to C :confused:
in other wards is it mediatek based drive

a new firmware TS01 is out today

Very fast. :slight_smile:

Samsung never said anything about Toshiba chipset so I guess it’s more likely for Samsung to go on with Mediatek.

TS01 and TS00 download links:

so is it possible to cross flash
and since you have four of them !! could you try it!!??

Where did I say I have four TS-H552C? I don’t even have one. I have two TS-H552B only. You already know those two TS-H552B have TS-H552U firmware. :slight_smile:

flash your ts-h552* -> ts-h552c
2 have dvd-r dl support
it’s like lite-on’s
as i think …

Do you have a TS-H552C unit? (Please try for us.) :slight_smile:

tried the TS01 firmware on both my H552B/U drives, and can confirm it does not work.
goes thru the flashing procedure fine, but no longer does the drive respond after.
fixed both with mtkflash.

Without having at least one TS-H552C, it’s not safe to try crossflashing on your own unless you know well about what you do with firmware. (But I guess boss126 knew how to recover with Mtkflash before you tried. I just don’t recommend it even for tests.) I haven’t seen any store that sells TS-H552C. Google searches didn’t help much.

Kenshin sorry for the confusion
I ment you have 4 TS-H552B/U (2B and 2U ones) but I think I was confused
so you can sacrifice one
but since boss126 already tried it with no success
now we know it does not work

I bought one TS-H552B in 2004 August. I received one TS-H552B from TSST Korea (for free) as something of a gift for visiting Samsung center in Suwon city (Suwon = Samsung city) when everyone visiting there received one. So I have only two TS-H552B though even two is too many.

I can sacrifice one for tests but it’s not a practical test as there’s no known information at all about chipsets and other parts. I KNEW TS-H552U was just TS-H552B with different firmware because I heard it from Samsung directly and I saw the production lines myself. When I tried flashing Lite-On SOHW-1213S and SOHW-1613S to SOHW-1633S/1653S/1673S I knew or at least could guess what would happen thanks to instructions from Codeguys. I also had some confidence trying to flash LG GSA-4120B (12x max) into GSA-4160B (16x max) testing TDB’s never-released flasher.

What I mean is that whenever a new model is mentioned, there are people asking about firmware overclockability (not the best term for it but well understood) and want others to test as soon as possible.

What’s more important I think is whether TS-H552C is a drive worth looking at. From the specification release on Samsung site, it has the same 5x DL speed, not 8x. No DVD-RAM either.

Here is the MID list:

Media Code Speed Edit V SE

Firmware: TSSTcorpCD/DVDW SH-W162CTS01Z 0607 SE5   
Bootcode: TSSTcorpCD/DVDW SH-W162CBOOT

Overall supported media types:  320
DVD+R9  supported media types:   10
DVD+R   supported media types:  117
DVD+RW  supported media types:   23
DVD-R9  supported media types:    1
DVD-R   supported media types:  137
DVD-RW  supported media types:   32

DVD+R9  supported media types:   10
CMC MAG  D01    2.4x
INFOME   D01    2.4x
MKM      001    6x,4x,2.4x
MKM      003    6x,4x,2.4x
PHILIPS  CD2    2.4x
PHILIPS  PD2    2.4x
PRODISC  D01    2.4x
RICOHJPN D00    2.4x
RICOHJPN D01    6x,4x,2.4x
RITEK    D01    2.4x

DVD+R   supported media types:  117
         001    2.4x
AML      001    2.4x
AML      002    4x
AML      003    16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
B0A00000 P80    4x
BeAll000 P40    4x,2.4x
BeAll000 P80    2.4x
BeAll000 PG0    16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
CMC MAG  E01    8x,6x,4x
CMC MAG  F01    4x,2.4x
CMC MAG  M01    16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
CMC MAG  R01    2.4x
DAXON    AZ1    4x,2.4x
DAXON    AZ2    8x,6x,4x
DAXON    AZ3    16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
DAXON    CY3    4x
DDT      001    4x,2.4x
DDT      002    8x,6x,4x
Dvsn+160 001    16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
EMDP     000    4x
EMDPAZ01 000    16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
GSC502   002    4x,2.4x
GSC503   H01    8x,6x,4x
GSC503   H02    16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
IMC JPN  R01    8x,6x,4x
INFODISC R10    4x,2.4x
INFODISC R20    8x,6x,4x
INFOME   R20    8x,6x,4x
INFOME   R30    16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
IS01     001    4x,2.4x
IS02.... 001    8x,6x,4x
IS03.... 001    16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
ISSM     001    8x,6x,4x
ISSM     003    16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
LD       A02    4x,2.4x
LD       M04    16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
LD       S03    8x,6x,4x
LD       S04    8x,6x,4x
LGEP16   001    16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
LONGTEN  002    4x,2.4x
MAM      M02    8x,6x,4x
MAM      M04    4x
MAM4XG01 001    4x,2.4x
MAXELL   001    4x,2.4x
MAXELL   002    8x,6x,4x
MAXELL   003    16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
MBIPG101 R03    4x,2.4x
MBIPG101 R04    8x,6x,4x
MBIPG101 R05    16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
MCC      001    4x,2.4x
MCC      002    4x,2.4x
MCC      003    8x,6x,4x
MCC      004    8x,6x,4x
MCC      004    16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
MEDIA ID 001    4x,2.4x
MPOMEDIA 040    4x,2.4x
MPOMEDIA 080    8x,6x,4x
MUST     006    16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
NAN YA   FLX    16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
NANYA    ALX    16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
NANYA    CHX    4x
NANYA    CLX    8x,6x,4x
NANYA    DR     2.4x
NANYA    DR     4x,2.4x
NANYA    RJB    2.4x
NSD      R40    16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
OPTODISC F16    16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
OPTODISC OP1    2.4x
OPTODISC OP2    2.4x
OPTODISC OR4    4x,2.4x
OPTODISC OR8    8x,6x,4x
OPTODISC R16    16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
PHILIPS  C08    8x,6x,4x
PHILIPS  C16    16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
PITSEXP  002    4x,2.4x
POS      R01    8x,6x,4x
POS      R05    16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
PRODISC  R01    2.4x
PRODISC  R02    4x,2.4x
PRODISC  R03    8x,6x,4x
PRODISC  R04    16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
PRODISC  R05    16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
Philips  081    8x,6x,4x
Plasmon1 C01    8x,6x,4x
Plasmon2 C01    16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
R0CO0JP0 R00    2.4x
RICOHJPN R00    2.4x
RICOHJPN R01    4x,2.4x
RICOHJPN R02    8x,6x,4x
RICOHJPN R03    16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
RITEK    M02    4x,2.4x
RITEK    P16    16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
RITEK    R01    2.4x
RITEK    R02    4x,2.4x
RITEK    R03    8x,6x,4x
RITEK    R04    16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
RITEK    R05    16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
SKC      P16    16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
SKC      P80    4x
SONY     D01    4x,2.4x
SONY     D11    8x,6x,4x
SONY     D21    16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
TDK      001    4x,2.4x
TDK      002    8x,6x,4x
TDK      003    16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
ULTRAN   202    8x,6x,4x
UME      002    4x
VDSPMSAB 001    4x,2.4x
VDSPMSAB 001    4x,2.4x
VDSPMSAB 002    4x
VDSPMSAB 004    16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
WFKA11   111    4x,2.4x
WFKA11   211    8x,6x,4x
YUDEN000 T01    4x,2.4x
YUDEN000 T02    8x,6x,4x
YUDEN000 T03    16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
Yi Jhan  004    16x,12x,8x,6x,4x

DVD+RW  supported media types:   23
DAXON    D42    4x,2.4x
INFODISC A01    2.4x
INFODISC A10    4x,2.4x
MBIPG101 W03    2.4x
MBIPG101 W04    4x,2.4x
MCC      A01    2.4x
MKM      A02    4x,2.4x
NANYA    DRW    4x,2.4x
NANYASC  DRW    2.4x
OPTODISC OP1    2.4x
OPTODISC OP4    4x,2.4x
PHILIPS  010    2.4x
PHILIPS  041    4x,2.4x
PRODISC  W01    2.4x
PRODISC  W02    4x,2.4x
R0CO00P0 001    2.4x
RICOHJPN W01    2.4x
RICOHJPN W11    4x,2.4x
RITEK    001    2.4x
RITEK    004    4x,2.4x
SENTINEL W01    2.4x
SENTINEL W02    4x,2.4x
SONY     S11    4x,2.4x

DVD-R9  supported media types:    1
MKM 01RD30      4x,2x

DVD-R   supported media types:  137
4M SYS 202C1    4x,2x
AML             4x,2x
AN30            4x,2x
AN31            4x,2x
AN32            4x,2x
BeAll G00001    2x
BeAll G16001    16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
BeAll G40001    4x,2x
BeAll G80001    8x,6x,4x
CMC MAG.        2x
CMC MAG. AE1    4x
CMC MAG. AF1    4x,2x
CMC MAG. AM1    12x,8x,6x,4x
CMC MAG. AM3    16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
CMC00RG300      2x
DAXON004        4x,2x
DAXON008        8x,6x,4x
DAXON008S       8x,6x,4x
DAXON016        12x,8x,6x,4x
DAXON016S       16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
DDTRG001        4x,2x
DKMZ01          8x,6x,4x
Dvsn            4x,2x
Dvsn A001       4x,2x
Dvsn-160        12x,8x,6x,4x
Dvsn-80         8x,6x,4x
EDMA01          12x,8x,6x,4x
FORNEX101       2x
FUJIFILM02      4x,2x
FUJIFILM03      8x,6x,4x
FUJIFILM04      16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
GSC001          4x,2x
GSC002          4x,2x
GSC003          4x
GSC004          8x,6x,4x
GSC005          12x,8x,6x,4x
IMC JPN         8x,6x,4x
INFOD K-R01     2x
INFODISC-R01    4x,2x
INFODISC-R01    4x,2x
INFODISC-R20    8x,6x,4x
INFOSMART01     4x,2x
INFOSMART02/    8x,6x,4x
INFOSMART03.    16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
ISSM    R02     16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
ISSM R01        8x,6x,4x
KIC01RG20       4x,2x
LEADDATA        2x
LEADDATA M04    16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
LEADDATA S03    8x,6x,4x
LEADDATA S04    12x,8x,6x,4x
LEADDATA01      4x,2x
LGE             4x,2x
LGE04           4x,2x
LGE08           8x,6x,4x
LGE16           16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
LONGTEN 001     4x,2x
LONGTEN 003     8x,6x,4x
MA08X0010       4x
MAM4XG02        4x,2x
MAM8XG01        4x,2x
MBI             2x
MBI 01RG20      4x,2x
MBI 01RG40      16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
MBI 03RG30      4x
MBI 03RG40      16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
MCC 01RG20      4x,2x
MCC 02RG20      8x,6x,4x
MCC 03RG20      16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
MEI 00V001      2x
MUST 001        4x,2x
MUST 003        4x
MUST 007        12x,8x,6x,4x
MXL RG01        2x
MXL RG02        4x,2x
MXL RG03        8x,6x,4x
MXL RG04        16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
NAN             4x
NAN YA F02      12x,8x,6x,4x
NANYA P1861     2x
NANYA-JC001     2x
NSDR40          12x,8x,6x,4x
NSDR40          16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
OCTOPLUS        4x,2x
ONIDTECH        4x,2x
OPTODISCK001    4x,2x
OPTODISCR004    4x,2x
OPTODISCR008    8x,6x,4x
OPTODISCR016    12x,8x,6x,4x
POSG04          4x,2x
POSG06          8x,6x,4x
POSG08          16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
PRINCO          4x,2x
PRINCO8X02      4x
PRODISCG01      2x
PRODISCG02      2x
PVCR001002      4x,2x
Plasmon1A       8x,6x,4x
ProdiscF01      8x,6x,4x
ProdiscF02      16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
ProdiscS03      4x,2x
ProdiscS04      8x,6x,4x
ProdiscS05      16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
RITEKF1         16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
RITEKG03        2x
RITEKG04        4x,2x
RITEKG05        8x,6x,4x
RITEKG06        8x,6x,4x
RITEKM02        4x,2x
RITEKM16        16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
SKC Co.,Ltd.    4x,2x
SKC M801        4x
SKC MF01        12x,8x,6x,4x
SONY            2x
SONY04D1        4x,2x
SONY08D1        8x,6x,4x
SONY16D1        16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
TAROKO-X2       2x
TDKG02000000    2x
TTG01           4x,2x
TTG02           8x,6x,4x
TTH01           8x,6x,4x
TTH02           16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
TY0010          2x
TYG01           4x,2x
TYG02           8x,6x,4x
TYG03           16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
UME01           4x
UME02           16x,12x,8x,6x,4x
UTJR001001      4x,2x
VDSPMSAB 01     4x,2x
VDSPMSAB 02     8x,6x,4x
WFI A40001      4x,2x
Yi Jhan 001     4x,2x
Yi Jhan 003     4x

DVD-RW  supported media types:   32
CMCW02          2x
CMCW03          4x,2x
CMCW04          6x,4x
DAXON_RW2X01    2x
INFOMEDIA       2x
INFOMEDIAA20    4x,2x
JVC/VictorT7    2x,1x
JVC0VictorD7    4x,2x
JVC1Victord7    6x,4x
JVC_VictorW7    2x
M0C 01000000    2x
MBI01RWG 20     4x,2x
MCC 01RW11n9    2x
MCC 01RW4X      4x,2x
MKM 01RW6X01    6x,4x
OPTODISCK001    2x,1x
OPTODISCW002    2x
OPTODISCW004    4x,2x
P0I0CO0W2001    2x
PRINCO          2x,1x
PRINCORW0004    4x,2x
PRINCORW2X01    2x
Prodisc DW04    2x
Prodisc DW06    4x,2x
RITEKW01        2x
RITEKW04        4x,2x
RITEKW06        6x,4x
SONY000000U9    2x,1x
TDK501saku]3    2x,1x
TDK502sakuM3    2x
TDK601saku      4x,2x
TDK701saku      6x,4x

There’s RITEKR05 there. Ritek’s new 16x DVD+R?

Probably. It is also supported in the latest Benq 1640 BSHB firmware.

Samsung homepage officially says the highest writing speed for DVD+R DL is 5x in TS-H552C but the firmware clearly supports 6x for MKM001, MKM003, and RICOHJPND01. Maybe Samsung hasn’t made a big improvement for 16x/DL writing quality in TS-H552C.

There’s the same PCAV 16x writing for DVD+R and DVD-R as was found in TS-H552B specification last year. They replied it must have been a mistake because what they meant was PCAV for some speeds for TS-H552B which supports 16x max writing.

Anyone saw TS-H552C or SH-W162C on sale anywhere?

Samsung lowered TS-H552U (DOM model, not those meant for overseas sales) price in South Korea from 70,000 Won to 58,000 Won in this week. LG also lowered DOM GSA-4163B from about 80,000 Won to 67,000 Won. BenQ importer Petamedia that also distributes BeAll media sells DW1640A for 76,000 Won but including 10 BeAll 16x DVD-R media.

Back-imported TS-H552B: 45,000 Won (cheapest 16x DVD writer in South Korea)
Back-imported GSA-4163B: 52,000 Won

in there is TS-H552C firmwares CI00 and CI01
verses SH-W162C TS00 and TS01
so ala42 or Kenshin any comments
TS-H552C is displayed on thailand site
SH-W162C is displayed on polish site

CI probably is for region or brand. There’s only one place that makes firmware for Samsung drives, but their firmware team makes different versions of each firmware for different regional/OEMs.

TS00/01 is clearly “Global” distribution.

TS02 released yesterday (June 06, 2005, South Korean time.)

CI is for East Europe, especially for Russia.

257 CD-ROM SH-152A C506 Global distribution 2005-06-15
256 DVD-Writer TS-H552C CI01 East Europe distribution 2005-06-09
255 DVD-Writer TS-H552C CI00 East Europe distribution 2005-06-09
254 DVD-Writer SH-W162C TS01 Global distribution 2005-06-09
253 DVD-ROM TS-H352C CI01 East Europe distribution 2005-06-02
252 CD-RW TS-H292C CI01 East Europe distribution 2005-06-02
251 DVD-Writer SH-W162C TS00 Global distribution 2005-06-02
250 CD-ROM SH-R522C TS02 Global distribution 2005-06-02
249 CD-RW SH-R522C TI01 Thailand distribution 2005-06-02
248 CD-RW SH-R522C TI00 Thailand distribution 2005-06-02
247 COMBO SH-M522C TI01 Thailand distribution 2005-06-02
246 COMBO SH-M522C TI00 Thailand distribution 2005-06-02
245 DVD-ROM SH-D162C TS02 Global distribution 2005-06-02
244 CD-ROM SH-C522C TS01 Global Distribution 2005-06-02
243 DVD-ROM TS-H352A TS05 Global distribution 2005-05-21

 Select All Subject Content Model    

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
1 / 18

TI is for Thailand.

TS02 is not reflected on the English page.