SAMSUNG TS-H552B wont burn +r DL disks?

I have the SAMSUNG TS-H552B dual layer dvd burner. I work retail selling high end stuff, and I like to make backup copies of my demo disks so that they dont get all scratched and ruined or stollen… Well, my monster rep gave me a THX Ultra Demo Disc to have, and I am trying to back it up. Now seeing this is like one of the ultimate demo disks, I wanted to make a perfect 1:1 copy. So I have this burner, and it is installed. I have CloneDVD2 with AnyDVD (newest as of today), and I upgraded the firmware on the dvd burner (TS06), but when it reads the dvd, when it tries to copy it, it says that the source is too big to put on the disk… now this would be true if I wasn’t trying to burn with dual layer disks… I have cloneDVD2 set to +rDL, so it says it will burn at 100% quality, so I was wondering if anyone knows how to make it work? I am running windows XP. The blank disks I’m trying to use are Verbatim +r DL… any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.

Why don’t you get DVD Shrink from ,it will compress it and enable you to put it on a blank disc. Please try it and post back here. If that doesn’t work,try DVD Decrypter,and Nero Recode (part of Nero 6) Good Luck and DVD er,uh,God Speed…:slight_smile:

well, I have dvdshrink, and clonedvd… I wanted to put it on a dual layer disk cause I wanted to keep 100% quality. I didn’t want to have to compress anything. All my other movies I compress a bit, but this particular one I want to keep at 100% quality.

Well ,Pete,just use DVD Decrypter which will just take off the copy protection,but leave the contents the same size…:slight_smile:

And another thing, have these disks proven them selves in your burner??

I just got a DL burner myself (Sony DW D22A),and want some DL media tips myself… :iagree:

Verbatim DL media performs the best in a wide range of DL writers.

2.4x@6x is sweet in PX-716A and DVR-A09. TS-H552B should have a firmware for 6x DL as well. :frowning:

no way
it will be may be new media-tek chipset base drive from samsung
(may be something like ts-h554 or other(ts-h555 #) )
like new fast lite-on
but drive will be made by samsung
or they sams&tosh will made common drive

Hm… I’d like burn MKM001 at 6x with my TS-H552B, but these are expensive disks. :sad:

why not if LITE-ON can do 1613 -> 1633 -> 1653 with firmware upgrades only!
SONY also did that for 710 drive!
and the TS-H552B is based on the same chipset!
SAMSUNG should be able to do the same to please their customes??!!