Samsung ts-h552b problem (writespeed)


i have a problem with the samsung ts-h552b. for burning i use ahead nero reloaded. the problem is my writespeed when i want to burn a dvd.
i just can select between following speed: 2x, 2,4x and 16x. I can do what i want. when i have a dvd wich supports writespeed between 4x and 12x it just burns with 2,4x! i use the newest firmware update ts05 and i also tryed it with ts04. i tryed different nero versions. nothing helps! has someone an idea what i could do?

os: windows xp sp2
aspi is installed
windos imapi is deactivated

Hi and be welcome!

What IDE chipset is in your system? Only VIA, ATi and Ali chipsets really need IDE drivers, the other chipset can better be used with the original Microsoft drivers. Especially Intel and NVidia drivers are known for giving problems with optical drives. I know this problem, as I had exactly the same problem with my NForce 2 chipset.

If you don’t know what or how to do… just let us know and we’ll help you out :slight_smile:

Caro, read this thread
All the media i trashed was rated 4x+, burned at 2x and had errors. When i found media that was decent, it started witing at proper speeds. Some would even let themselves be burnt at 8x, even tough teh box said 4x.

Bottom line, decent media makes more difference than any other thing. Oh, and do verify your burns. None of my DVDs gave write errors, but when you check the files, the bad ones had corrupted files.

@ Dee-Ehn

There are some technical information about my pc:

CPU: Intel Celeron 2800 mhz
Motherboard: P4M266A-8235
System: Hyrican_AG P4M266A-8235
Bios: Phoenix 6.00 PG
Memory 512 MB DDR-SDRAM
Chipset1: Via Technologies Inc VT8751 ProsavageDDR P4M266
Graphic: Nvidia Geforce FX 5200

It’s a complete PC system which i got some weeks ago. Win XP Home already was installed. I didn’t chanced any drivers and so on. Just installed some programms and updated the Samsung firmware. Would be nice when you could say me what i need to chance!

@ shadex: i think this isn’t dependent of the media in this case. when i start nero, choose data dvd (for example) choose some files which i like to burn … then i go to burn menu (without having a dvd in the writer) and it shows you all possible speeds. there are only 1x, 2x, 2,4x and 16x. cd-r is the highest speed 48x but i just can burn with 40x.

Hmm okay… as you have a VIA chipset, you need to have the VIA drivers installed. I’m not aware of problems like these combined with VIA chipsets, but on the other hand you never know… surf to and download the latest drivers there, uninstall the old drivers, reboot, install the new drivers, reboot once more and see what happens.

You might want to check your drive’s DMA level as well. It should be running in DMA mode 2. If it isn’t, you could try to fiddle with either Windows’ DMA settings or those in your BIOS.

Another thing to look into is the master/slave configuration of your IDE systems. Normally it should not matter, but in some cases certain drives don’t like to be master or slave (most problems appear with drives in slave mode).

I hope I gave you some directions where to look at. If there are any problems or you don’t know what do (as I don’t know what your skills are ;)), just ask and we’ll help you… ok?

Thanx for your time :stuck_out_tongue:

Caro, i have same Writer, same firmware and Nero 6.3.20 and those (1,2,2.4,16) ARE the speeds Nero gives when there is no DVD.

If you read the thread, all the 8 DVDs i trashed locked Nero into 2x as soon as i inserted them. And they all went to trash. When i (finally) found media that would burn ok, i had Nero showing 2x,4x (8x in some cases). So, go hunt down some different media. Might take a while and cost a few $$$ tough :frowning: When you do find some, buy some more :slight_smile:

On the CD thing, dont be sad. At speeds over 40x (sometimes even 32x) really bad discs MIGHT shatter because of vibration and kill your drive. I still burn most CDs @32/36, never was THAT much in a hurry that i couldnt wait a minute more. If i am REALLY in a hurry i have an External Firewire case hooked to a 7200 40G Seagate Barracuda. Lot faster than CDs, 8x the size of a DVD ,)

ShadeX: I think you was right! i just bought me some platinum dvd+r with 8x speed. and nero shows me possible speeds of 8x, 6x, 4x and 2,4x.

Thanks for your help shadex! also to dee-ehn!

:slight_smile: :cool:

No problem. I’m glad that the solution was so simple. Talking about odds :slight_smile:

im having a very similar problem to the one mention above (being locked into 2x) i use Platinum dvd-r 4x, which have never ever given me a problem. originally the drive didn’t want to recognize disks all the time (b/c i have a via chipset motherboard) once i installed the drivers it reads em no prob. but will only burn at 2x. and a brand that is extremely cheap will burn at 4x. which makes no sense. i have the latest drivers, i have the latest nero. and i can’t figure it out. i have the drive on cable select, im going to put it on master but im not sure that will do anything. im just bout ready to format the main hdd and start ‘fresh’ id rather deal with it not recognizing a disc all the time but burning at 4x then it only burning at 2x.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

thank you

just to clear up any mixed up info, the samsung did at one time burn the platinum dvd-r’s at 4x…and now its not. RAAAA this sucks.

R35P3CT, formatting your HDD will not solve your problem. The issue is the media. I have two DVD burners, BTC1008 & Pioneer108. I can put a Ritek G05 8x -r in the BTC and will only write at 4x. The exact same blank DVD, if I put it in the Pioneer, it will burn at 12x. Every DVD burner has “write strategies” for different DVD blanks. Try using different media and you will get different results.

i understand that its different for every media, but the drive was at one time burning these dvd-rs at the proper speeds. for a while actually, and now it will only burn at 2x, that is the problem im having.

ok i fixed the problem, i downgraded the firmware from ts06 to the ts04 (original firmware it came w/) and “POTATOE”!! it works fine again. no problems and burning at 4x.

you could update to TS06 and hack the firmware adding the 4x support to your dvd’s… and if you buy cheaps dvd’s you can add the to the firmware too… it’s really easy-to-use