Samsung TS-H552B not reading CDs anymore?

This cd/dvd burner worked for a long time… Suddenly, it won’t burn CDs. So I discover that it will still read & burn DVDs, but it won’t burn CDs or read most CDs. It will read some pressed CDs, but no burned CDs.

For example, it read retail version (pressed) of Battlefield 2 CD1 and CD2, but is having a difficult time reading CD3 (I had to open the tray and close it again a couple times for it to ‘see’ CD3). It won’t read at all any burned CDs that I made with it, the same CDs it was reading less than 3 days ago.

What the deal yo? Any ideas?

Looks like this model just has a lot of problems, I gave up trying to deal w/ mines, wasted too many CD/DVD R’s. Time to get a new burner.