Samsung TS-H552B DVD Burner



Don’t purchase this software. The author seems to change licensing terms whenever he feels like it. You’ll get burned.


I just posted the article Samsung TS-H552B DVD Burner.

Samsung Europe was kind enough to send us the Samsung TS-H552B DVD-writer. This drive supports 16x DVD+R writing, 12x DVD-R and 2.4x DVD+R9 DL writing technology, allowing dual layer discs of 8.5Gb to be written.

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There was nothing surprising on this review. I expected TSST and Samsung to use Toshiba chipset at least, not something from Mediatek which was also used in Lite-On SOHW-1613/1633/1653. I hope the next model will perform more like LG’s GSA-416x and Pioneer DVR-A08 than Lite-On.


In this review, we can find a table with the writing times of different drives (at page: 5: DVD+R/RW Writing performance). Why did you not include the BenQ DW1620? You reviewed this drive earlier and it was one of the fastest (both DVD-R and DVD+R). Can you include the BenQ in the table?
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In market, Samsung TS-H552B already replaced by TS-H552U. Can you review TS-H552U ?


Why buy this when EAC exists?


My Norton 360 can’t back up. It starts to and then about a disk or two in, it can’t read the discs any more or write to them. I start with brand new discs each time and it failed. Guys at Norton say to get a firmware update and etc. Hard to follow how to do the firmware update but did. Now trying to do any other updates and will try Norton 360 again. The folks at Norton 360 said it would DEFINITELY work after getting the update. Okay, good, because it wasn’t a supported driver initially so here is hoping. And no, I haven’t the foggiest clue what all this means but I just stick things into my computer as told and mix and shake it ten minutes and let it settle and try to skim productive work off the top like Man vs. Wild sips tepid water: with hope, out of necessity. We’ll see what happens.


Why do so many of these go bad?