Samsung TS-H552B... anyone tried this?


Just asking if anyone has already tried this, and if someone knows who builds it (Toshiba, maybe?); it’s selling for around 80 euros here in Portugal, and it’s probably the cheapest DL / 16x +R burner available… anyone knows if it’s worth it? :rolleyes:

Ya, it’s designed by Toshiba, made by Samsung. I think Kenshin posted some preview a month ago.

Hi Filipe.
You can buy the Benq 1620 for about the same.

P.S. Mais um Tuga no fórum :wink: .

I wanna know too…it’s sold for merely $75 in China now with free 10 mitsubishi dvdr 8x media…
So I guess it’s around the same price here, in hk, I havent checked yet

so 80Euros is pricey ^^

yup, so damn cheap. Even come with free 10pcs Misubishi 8x DVD+R media. :rolleyes:

The colour is damn whacky, golden. :Z

Yep, I know, I’m currently running some tests on a unit I borrowed from a friend…

Looks sweeeeeeeeeeeet, from where I’m standing! :slight_smile:

I, too am interested in the Samsung dual-layer burner. My question is: I am currently burning dvd’s with a Sony laptop (DVD-R) and using DVDXCopy to archive my collection. Will this program work if I install the dual-layer burner? And if not, is there another program that will allow dual-layer archiving?
This is my first post, and I hope it isn’t a stupid question.

@Sonny1144 If you have the latest version of any software for DVD backup you shouldn’t have a problem.


Thanks, zArt.What’s the best (in your opinion) backup software to have?

I´m currently using DVDShrink and DVDecrypter for backup n Nero for burning.


Thanks zArt.

TS-H552B is being field-tested from tomorrow in South Korea. A little over 20 consumers from various web communities including are visiting Samsung Electronics OMS team together leaving Yongsan station at 9 AM.

Two months after the mass production and retail release, Why has Samsung decided to do it only now is difficult to answer on my own especially when TSST has TS-H552A and SD-R5372 that support 5x DVD+R DL. But that will one of my questions to Samsung.

I can’t find my TS-H552B thread so I’ll add here.

Updated info on TS-H552U

Thanks to jsl, here’s a PDF, too.


For TS-H552B:

the U ver works fine , im impressed after my last samsung drive this one realy rocks , i got this one back from warranty … after the last one kept cotering the -R medias

and in my eyes any time a samsung drive then a benq ugh

Why :cool: ?

The Benq is in my opinion the best DVD+R-writer and even with DVD-R much better than a Samsung :slight_smile:

Look at the reviews here and the user´s experience :slight_smile:

I have one of these. Strangely, it works well for every media except the only 16X rated media I have–MCC 004, which it drops to 4X about 25% of the way along. Burn quality is on par with my Benq 1620

what firmware do you use?


I messed up. Apparently, my drive was OEM for Gateway. Flash firmware on Samsung’s global site had no mention of OEM drives requiring firmware based on who they were made for. I was using TS07, upgraded from GA02. I found Gateway firmware GA04 (released at about the same time as TS07) on the Gateway website (even though this drive is inside an eMachines PC). I ran a 2nd test this morning, and now it goes all the way to 16X, with good quality. Burn speed and disc quality on MCC004 media is now better than my 1620. I’d be interested to know what is the difference between these units, since they are all the same model number…!

The drives are manufactured in the same factories using same parts and processes. The only difference is firmware loaded at the end of the assembly lines.