Samsung Ts-h552?

From what I have read there are three TS-H552 models available (TS-H552A, TS-H552B and TS-H552U). What is the difference between the three models? Do you recommend any of these?

  1. TS-H552A is toshiba chipset drive similar to SD-R5372
  2. TS-H552B is Mediatek chipset with dvd+r 16x , dvd-r 12x and dvd+r dl 2.4x
  3. TS-H552U is Mediatek chipset with dvd+r 16x , dvd-r 16x and dvd+r dl 4x
    however the TS-H552B is cross flashable to TS-H552U with DOS MTKFLASH

the TS-H552B is cross flashable to TS-H552U with DOS MTKFLASH

Remember! Using unofficial/modified firmware - voids the warranty even if you go back to original firmware later.

thanks for the notification jan70

Are there any rpc1 firmwares available for these dvd burners? What about bitsetting support (official or unofficial)?

no rpc1 firmware yet but you can check with for that
and no bitsetting officially yet too
you can check this post #117 for more info on the TS-H552B

Right. I sort of expected 6x DVD+R DL firmware for TS-H552B, since fall 2004 at least but Samsung never released one. Quite disappointing especially when some markets only have TS-H552B and Samsung is obviously not exchanging TS-H552B with TS-H552U for free.

Bitsetting in any Samsung optical drive is ignored and discouraged. That means Samsung has been fanatically against DVD+RW/+R and so also against bitsetting. Official (too official in this case when Samsung has held RDVDC chair for some time and so on) policy is not to support bitsetting. Unless the newly integrated TSST fix their problems in their organizations… no change is what I expect. Keep in mind most consumers don’t know anything about bitsetting and will probably never bother. It doesn’t really affect their conscience or company policy or market share or actual drive usage in the real world.