Samsung TS-H522B Recomended Media

Hi all,

I’m having real trouble finding reliable media to use in the above drive.

I’ve been using Datawrite Grey 8x DVD-R (Prodisc F04 Dye) which I was getting from those great people at SVP however I have now run out of these and SVP no longer sell them (Well they do but with a possibility of them coming with CMC Mag AE1 Dye, the samsung hates this dye and constantly churns out coasters :frowning: )

Can anyone recommend a reasonable cheap reliable Media for this drive (other than Taiyo Yuden, nice disks but too expensive) ?

i couldnt find any threads on it , check the videohelp page , anyway judging from the various opinions on it , i’d say you should bin it and get a better one , anyway cheap media is plain bad for long-term storage it wouldnt last long so you might wanna start using quality medias such taiyo yuden/verbatim

Ah thanks for the link very handy little site that.

I may just bite the bullet and get the TY’s, an extra few pence per disk for no hassle makes sense really.

Thanks again.