Samsung TS-H492 (DVD/CD-RW COMBO) - Burning problem

Hi everyone im new to the forum !! :slight_smile:

I just bought this samsung combo, and im having problems to burn.

I burned mp3 to cda.
I burned Data too.

The problem is:
Nero message was that the copy was done succesfuly after both burns.
When i try to read the data cd (on my drive and other pc cd-rom drives), it seems that i cannot see the content of the cd. Windows just hang for a while and in every cd-rom drive i tryed the problem persisted, over and over again.

Now some specs

PC: Pentium III 1Ghz
RAM: 512 RAM
Software: This drive came with Nero Express (wich btw, after installed it, it said that “there are known compatibility issues with this operative system”) And that i had to go to update this software.
Now the first question is… is this program possible to update? Maybe i just got to use this Nero to assure everything is going to work fine.
OS: Windows XP Pro-SP2

CD’s: Ridata (Black) 40x (80 min / 700 MB)
Another question that came to my mind if that if the problem could be solved trying to burn this cds at 40x only… or trying to buy another kind of cds.

Just wondering if some of you have experienced this trouble before.

Note: I already burned other cds with this same PC and other 2 kinds of drives and there was no problem with any of them.

Thanks !!!

Welcome to the forums!
You should definitely update your version of Nero immediately!
Version is the latest. :slight_smile:

I assume you burned at 48X?
Try burning at 40X or 32X and test your discs readability properties again.

Well, thanks for reply.
I already updated my software to the lastest version.
I tryed to burn some data at 32x and nothing changed…
So i dont know what it could be, maybe are just the cds but im not sure.

After i burned the data i tryed to see what was inside the cd but the explorer just hanged out for a while so, nothing happened.

Well, if you have some more ideas just tell me bro, and thanks again… :slight_smile:

PS: Before that i burned an audio cd and it works perfectly… that the most strangest thing about all this matter…

Post the media info for us to view.
Smartburn is a good utility for checking CD-R information.

Alright this is the info about the cds im using

    Drive Type = COMBO    
     Disc Type = CDR
      Material = Phthalocyanine
       Lead In = 97:15:17
      Lead Out = 79:59:70

Nominal Capacity = 702.82MB
Manufacturer Maybe = RiTEK Corporation
SMART-BURN Speed Limit = 52X (Write)

Sounds like the write strategy for this particular CD-R media is not good on your Samsung drive.
This could be fixed with a firmware update.
Search the web and update the Samsung drive firmware if possible.

Mmm, now ive been talking with a friend here at work… and i just told him in the middle of a conversation that this combo in windows is shown as 2 drives…


Like if i had 2 drives instead of one… and he told me that this is soooooo wrong, that windows should recognize JUST ONE DRIVE.
Cause it is just 1 drive after all…

The problem could be simple… and I think that this drive is just not working in the right way…
Im going to talk to the ppl who sold it to me and tell em about this 2 drive problem on my XP…

What do you think about windows XP recognicing a combo as 2 drives?

I have same drive with similar problems, mine usualy refuses to complete a burn and in 15 attempts has only completed once. ATAPI error is 3 [bad disk] but 9 discs of 5 different brands??
Bizarrely In CD works fine, but blind reader, alcohol and nero all fail.
Returned to dealer and he burnt data ok. The drive fails to complete a successful write speed test in nero info.

ANY IDEAS? :sad:

Be aware that Samsung’s firmware update is VERY risky. I guess it is not officially supported (LG Italy also does that) and it is illogical. They say you MUST verify your drive’s buyer (and you have to extract it from its place!! :a) but they don’t provide you a counterverifier… (the piece of text it must agree with ;)). I have had problems and sent my drive for a repair!

@ASdeSILVA: in my opinion, you must ask your dealer its configuration and try to emulate it within your PC. Comparing them should spot out your problem!

I have this CD drive in my emachine computer. it is 1.5 yrs old. Recently whenever I turn on my computer the cd drive just opens randomly. then if I close it, it opens again. thus, I have to forcfully stop it from opening by keeping pressing it with my fingers. It is giving me problems with recognizing the cds i put inside. It works sometimes, many times it hangs up on me. Please help me out here.

Sounds like it might be time for a new drive. My Toshiba DVD-ROM started doing the same thing, never found a fix for it.