Samsung: Transparent displays are coming

Samsung: Transparent displays are coming.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Samsung seems ready to release a media player with a transparent AMOLED display this year, and could follow with the same technology on a laptop.

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Wireless + Glasses/sunglasses with transparent AMOLED, and you have augmented reality :wink:


This could be very interesting for touchscreen phones, that force you to look at your screen while typing a text or a mail.

I believe there is even a iPhone app that uses your camera to show you what’s in front of you so you can walk and type at the same time.

I do however agree that i don’t want people sitting across me know what I’m typing, but this could be easy solved by introducing one-way glass. That way you’ll have a mirror on your phone as well. :wink:

From what I can tell, it appears this will only be useful for info based displays only, e.g. displaying track info on MP3 players. For example, it’s bad enough seeing a reflection on a monitor while watching video, never mind the background showing through from behind the display! So I would imagine that this display would be totally useless for showing photographs and video unless there is a way of turning off the transparency for such use.

Where this technology would work very well in my opinion would be in shop windows. For example, it would be possible to digitally show today’s specials in the window without the display blocking off a part of the outside view from inside. :slight_smile:

That does sound like a good tech for shop windows!

Just add those little suction cap speakers and turn your shop window into a complete multimeda sensation …

Thereby rendering all ipods/portable mp3 players useless as you can’t get any peace & quiet to listen to your music.

I like the shop windows idea a lot. I think you could make some real money out of it too.