Samsung to unleash SH-S182D 18x DVD writer with 12x RAM

I just posted the article Samsung to unleash SH-S182D 18x DVD writer with 12x RAM.

Here we have yet another writer coming along with 18x speeds, 12x RAM and even LightScribe. In this story from Channel Times, it’s supposed to hit the Indian market next month.The…

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Unleash? My what a strong word for something thats saves about 20 seconds.

What about 12x RAM? That’s pretty fast. :slight_smile:
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would be interesting to see how the quality on the dvds burned @18 would be.

Quality will be ok, but some blanks will fly apart:)

LOL! What a list of features!

The drive will feature SAT1 (Speed Adjustment Technology), TAC 2 (Tilt Actuator Compensation), Double OPC3 (Optimum Power Control), Buffer Under Run Free Technology, Buffer Under Run Error, Magic Speed5 and WBS (Weight Balanced System) technologies