Samsung to launch dual standard Blu-ray/HD-DVD player



I just posted the article Samsung to launch dual standard Blu-ray/HD-DVD player.

Usually new standards are created by Japanese, US and European companies, they reserve a certain amount of money for Research and Development (R&D), create the standards and receive…

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ok, now, please, dual format br/hd-dvd pc baced recorder for 200$ and i’m a happy camper =)


make it for 50usd & support +dvd±r/rw/dl+cd/r/rw then, i am a happy camper :wink:


Home DVD recorders are just starting to become affordable and are rapidly replacing VHS recorders, no one gives a toss what Samsung or the rest of the squabbling ours is better then yours and you do not really need a new format anyway companies do apart from a few early adopters. It will be 10 years before any of these new formats are popular as a home recording format unless then can sell them for £99.