Samsung to launch Dual Format HD player in Europe

I just posted the article Samsung to launch Dual Format HD player in Europe.

It looks like both HD DVD and Blu-ray will more likely be here to stay with Samsung planning to release a competitively priced dual format player in Europe, capable of playing HD DVD and…

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The original article from Heise, that predates all the other news posts, shows that what was actually said was that the new dual format Samsung player will have a 400 euro price PREMIUM over the existing Blu-Ray player. Meaning it will cost about 400 Euros MORE then the existing player.

thats like £300. That would be very tempting as long as it is hdmi 1.3, 1080p etc.

Dolphinus_Rex is correct going to avsforum it is a $400 EUR premium over standard Blu-Ray drives.

So what is the actual price of these players ?

It will be close in price to the LG dual format player, but it will have proper HD DVD support (with iHD). I don’t have the exact pricing, but if you look up the existing Samsung Blu-Ray player in the european market, just tack on 400 euro’s, and that should be the number you’re looking for.

The Prices i the US will be: BD-P1400, $549.- BD-P2400, $649,- BD-U5000, $1099,-