Samsung to invest in OLED again – in QLED variant

We’ve just posted the following news: Samsung to invest in OLED again – in QLED variant[newsimage][/newsimage]

Samsung will produce OLED TVs the coming years, despite earlier reports. The first models with the new display type should become available in 2 to 5 year.

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Well what do ya know, local dimming for a technology that shouldn’t need it. If it all works like promised might be a slight game changer provided it doesn’t cost a bunch like all new tech seems to start out at.
Prices on normal OLED TVs have started to come down to the point a regular enthusiast can afford one now and they keep getting cheaper and better of course. I’d love a 4K version like LG sells but still a bit pricey for me but getting close.

And the best part is that Samsung’s TVs are getting thinner. That’s good because… umm… I can still see them? Personally, I would thing Samsung would do things like not spy on the users anymore. That would be a much bigger game changer than having paper-thin TVs be a tiny smidge-o-meter thinner.

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Oh boy, they’re making the dark parts slightly darker! That will certainly solve all of my life’s problems!:bigsmile: