Samsung to conquer printer market – aims to be number 1 in 2020



We’ve just posted the following news: Samsung to conquer printer market – aims to be number 1 in 2020[newsimage][/newsimage]

After Samsung conquered the memory chip, TV and smartphone market, the company now aims for the printer market share. A confidential Samsung document leaked to Myce shows how the company aims to become the number 1 printer manufacturer by 2020.

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Well I heard on the news yesterday that Hewlett Packard is laying off 34,000 people. That’s a pretty big talent pool from the current number one printer maker…


HP is not a printer maker. HP only sells them. Canon is real manufacturer.

Samsung made firmwares for their new printers almost impossible to hack. This means user will be forced to buy only expensive original toner cartridges (and probably low-quality compatible cartridges with price near to original cartridge price because of expensive and difficult-to-make compatible cartridge chip), cartridge remanufacturing will become MUCH more expensive, and sometimes impossible. And this means sales of their printers will decrease dramatically in Russia and many other countries. Their current printer product lines have really solid and reliable printing engines - for example their SL-M3870/M3875/M4070/M4075 MFP series are (in my opinion) best available laser MFPs for their cost today, but if they will update firmware again making it unbreakable I will stop recommend these printers for my customers and will switch to Kyocera. :frowning:

If Samsung wants to become No1, then they should to reduce their toner cartridges price to Kyocera level.


I think that with all digital storage options available,and people getting used to the ‘cloud’,demand for printers for the consumer market will slowly decrease …especially when ink costs are bounded to manufacturer’s prices…


[QUOTE=roadworker;2728143]…especially when ink costs are bounded to manufacturer’s prices…[/QUOTE]

Before I buy a printer, I check whether compatible cartridges are available, the cost of full set and user reviews.

For example, the price of compatibles vary 2 to 3 times the price between one printer and another, even for the same brand. It’s similar for ‘compatibility’ also. For example, Canon inkjet printers rarely give me an issue with compatible ink, where as a few Epsons keep complaining about using non-genuine ink and often give poor quality prints or “unrecognised cartridge” errors. Then again, using genuine cartridges does not always mean perfect prints either, as a Kodak printer we previous used often had clogged heads despite using its official cartridges.

I’m also sure Samsung would need to do more than just low printer prices to get sales. I still remember when Dell had £9 printers until customers got smart by buying a new printer each time it ran out of ink instead of paying the £26 (if I recall right) for a replacement set. :smiley:


By the way, I forgot that Samsung doesn’t manufacture inkjet printers. I wonder, will they step in that segment of market or not?


[QUOTE=Seán;2728163]Before I buy a printer, I check whether compatible cartridges are available, the cost of full set and user reviews.[/QUOTE]

So do I. I needed a color laser that would do 11"x17" paper and found an HP 5550DN on Craigs List for cheap. Before buying it I checked toner prices along with cartridge yield for it. I was pleased to find a set of third party cartridges was only $180 and the yield on them was a whopping 13k sheets! It has been an extremely economical color printer.

Samsung had better offer reasonably priced consumables for their printers if they hope to break into the printer market in a big way.


I always use compatible carts with all my printers. Fpr myy old workhorse HP 990 they are usually the larger carts and cheap, but finding good quality ink in them lately has been tough.
My Epsons my nice R800 has been empty and retired for a long time because factory carts are way too expensive, and the aftermarket ones for proper pigment based ink has been a bit expensive and hard to find.
The R200 I found a great supplier I think Sean or one of the other mods recommended and I used it at my sisters machine till the heads clogged up from setting turned off too long, not the inks fault I think. Sister is using a R260 now that works pretty well but still was having head clogging problems with brand new factory carts from leaving it turned off and never using it.
It did seem to clear itself after we left it on a long time and now prints OK again so might have to try that with the 200 sometime, or find a proper head cleaning kit as trying to pull the head from my first R200 killed it when the flexible ribbon cable broke:a
I also look at what ink costs factory and after market and read user reviews as I want great prints without constantly spending 100 bucks to get new carts. That happened with the first set I had to buy for the 200, and my 990 before I decided to try remans.