Samsung-TaiyoYuden +R 50/$42.99 back in stock

Samsung-TY+R @ Newegg

I am surprised they lowered the price from $59.99 to $42.99 in one shot.
Grab them while they last if you want to try some TY. :slight_smile:

FYI even though the reviews at Newegg showed customers getting TY media; some other member have suggested it is possible you might get Beall media.
So YMMV. Good luck.

My cakebox should get here by Monday, so I’ll let you guys know if the huge price drop is because they’ve switched from TY.

EDIT: Whatever it ends up being, it’s already sold out.

I just received mine yesterday and it is definatley Taiyo Yuden media.
But it can change with any new shipment.

Disc Type                           	DVD+R                
Book Type                           	DVD-ROM
Manufacturer                        	Taiyo Yuden Company Limited
Media ID                            	YUDEN000T01
Protection System                   	None
Region                              	1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
Capacity                            	4.38 GB
Free Size                           	0.00 GB
Free Blocks                         	0
Number of Layers                    	1
Linear Density                      	0.267 um/bit
Track Density                       	0.74 um/track
Maximum Read Speed                  	8.0x
Maximum Write Speed                 	8.0x
Current Write Speed                 	4.0x CLV
Write Speed Performance Descriptor 1	8.0x CLV
Write Speed Performance Descriptor 2	6.0x CLV
Write Speed Performance Descriptor 3	4.0x CLV
Write Speed Performance Descriptor 4	2.4x CLV

Damn luck of draw. Tempting… very tempting. Damn it, I’m trying to cut back on loading up on 4x DVD+R too… decisions decisions.

It is now out of stock…(Somehow I cannot edit my first post for some reason).

Now, it’s gone. It seems that Newegg deleted the link just a few minutes ago. (Let’s see if it really means they won’t sell it any more.)

The 25pack +4x at 23$ seems to be very similar. (except the change 50->25)
Does anyone have a clue on the 25 pack? It’s still an excellent deal if it is TY. But no customer reviews to identify it.

And… no. it also is out of stock now. (Maybe that indicates it is TY. :smiley: )

You can also find them here at dell also get free shipping for limited time


I purchased 200 from NewEgg and just received these from Dell and they are the same.

I purchased 200 from NewEgg and just received these from Dell and they are the same.

Was the packaging the same as the media you got from Newegg? The picture on the Dell site looks quite different. Did you verify the media code on the Dell DVDs to see if they really are TY?

Please check the media code of the Dell Samsung if you could…very curious to know. Thanks.

FYI, BeAll and Samsung are different companies. BeAll Developers is made primarily of former Samsung employees. The company is still right inside a Samsung town south of Seoul but officially independent. The Samsung DVD media are sometimes BeAll but the guys selling under Samsung brand name are Samsung Corporation, with over US$8 billion sales in 2003. BeAll makes their own disks but Samsung Corp. is basically an international trading and contruction company.

Therefore, they are TY regardless of Samsung brand on them. TY increased their output recently several times especially on DVD+R and Samsung Corp. has become one of their biggest customers. Ritek and CMC had to sell their CD-R media at very competitive prices to grow as media manufacturers but now they are strong enough not to do it any longer. So there is not much price difference between TY and the first-tier Taiwanese companies if we here are only interested in DVD recordable media. I would have bought from TY but TY does not sell to me because I am too small for them but Samsung Corp. is not.

That TY is expensive is a myth.

One more thing. According to BeAll Developers, BeAll has started production of 8x DVD+R and 8x DVD-R media in April but I haven’t seen any of them.

They are the same

Just as posted before -

Media code/Manufacturer ID YUDEN000T01
Media Product Revision Number 00h
Free Blocks 405405696
Free Capacity 4.38GB(4.70GB)
Book Type DVD+R
Media Type DVD+R
Media Id Code Speed 4.0x 5540KBps
Available Write Descriptor CAV 8.0x 11080KBps
Available Write Descriptor CAV 5.9x 8112KBps
Available Write Descriptor CLV 4.0x 5540KBps
Available Write Descriptor CLV 2.4x 3324KBps
Linear Density Blank Disc
Track Density Unknown
Number of Layers 1

Ken: I do not follow you. First you said sometimes Samsung DVD Media is Beall…Then you said “Therefore, they are TY regardless of Samsung brand on them.”

What do you mean??
Are all Samsung Branded DVD media TY??


dang, i had to pay for shipping. oh well, it’s still a good deal anyways.

It look like they’re not even listed on Newegg’s site anymore.
Glad I bought some last week for $42.99. Makes me feel like i should have stoked up tho. Great media, very low error rates on Kprobe scans. :slight_smile:

FYI Dell has free shipping for order over $49. So if you order 2 packs you will get free shipping. Same price that Newegg has.

is it the ty-kind, ‘snap-on’ spindle?

Yes it is

Now dell raised the price to 80$.
Can it be another indirect sign that it is TY?
Anyway we lost the deal then.

Dammit, I accidentally bought the -r discs. at least they were only ~$45 :confused: