Samsung T01 vs. TY T02

i found some T01 samsung dvd+r and TY T02 from rima. i have a lite on 832s, and having read that the T02 doesnst like the liteon drives that much from the T02 quality thread. should i go with the Samsung T01 dvd+r or go with some TY T02. right now im leaning toward the Samsung becuase i see that a lot of burns with T01 are really low in error rates. i just want some good burns not fast. are the samsung T01 any different from a TY T01?

The Samsung TY01 is the same as Tayio Yuden TY01.
Burns beautiful in a LiteOn.

WOW REAlly nice scan. does it require any hacked firmware to burn good or just the official kind?

Just run it through OmniPatcher and set the YUDEN000T01 00 entry to 8x.
There are two YUDEN000T01 entries. The first is for 00 the second for 01
Set them both.

ok i just bought a 100 pack of samsung t01 from
I hope they are good, dont wanna waste 50 bucks. pchilson, could you tell me how to use omnipatcher and which type of firmware i should use. i read all about omnipatcher and the codeguys firmware when i was at school but i dont understand how ur suppose to use it.

Better to ask in the LiteOn forum.
You will get very difinitive answers there. :wink:

can anyone confirm if rima still sells samsung dvd+r that are T01. although it says it is T01 in the description here could they have not updated the site?

hey jm88:
just got 100 (2 x 50) of samsung from rima 2 wks ago. they are taiyo. best bet is 2 email them. i sent email 1st thing in am asking if still ty, by early afternoon they emailed me back saying they were. very good cust service.

thanks for the info :iagree: now my worries are gone. i also emailed them while i was at school but they didnt have the manufacture id down. so i called them, and they said it was TY. im getting my t01 this monday hopefully, and if they burn good, i want to buy ALOT.

Just got these today, they are YUDEN000T01 and burn great on my LiteOn 812@832. Haven’t tried them on anything else but expect similar results.