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I just posted the article Samsung SW232 32X10X40 CDRW review @ GideonTech.

The guys from GideonTech were lucky enough to get their hands on one of Samsung’s drives, the SW232 32X10X40. This Z-CLV drive comes with a nice 8 MB buffer and EZ CD Creator. The testing from…

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I have this drive…it is oh so SWEEEEEET. Everything described above and more. Worth every penny! :slight_smile:


Just bought a Lite-On 48x Burner from owning a PLextor 16x Burner… Must say that the drive is more than that I read… Its awesome… Ive would of prefered a black tray and a small fan like the PLextor… All I gotta say is that Plextor just lost a customer cause this drive is a killer!


The quality of the Samsung SW232 is not that good. I can’t see how they can score it a 10 out of 10. I work at a Best Buy in the US & customers are always returning them because they either come out of the box dead or they simply just don’t like the drive. I ask them what do you expect for $59.99? (after rebate it was only $29.99)


How ironic…I bought the drive from Best Buy, I’m happy with it, and it was not $59.00. It was $99.00 and I got it for free because I told them my Samsung 16x was acting “funky” and let let me take the 32x because it was under warranty.


Old price was $99. New price is $79 less $20 rebate. Few weeks ago it was $29 after rebates. The new 40X model is going for $89. Lets see your old one was broke so they replaced it because it was under warranty. To me a drive that goes bad before the warranty ends is a POS.


Notice how I put quotation marks around the work “funky”? I did it for a reason. The drive worked fine, I just wanted a new and faster burner. Fortunately Best Buy doesn’t test the drives and just takes back anything regardless of making sure that it is broken. That’s the best warranty I’ve ever encountered. Return a working product and they’ll just take it up the ass and give you a new one. You know what, maybe I’ll take this one back and get the 40x. Thanks. :4