Samsung SW-252F - Help with firmwares pls



I have a SAMSUNG SW-252F (normal CDRW, although I’m waiting for a Plextor Premium). Recently I flashed it with the latest, R804 firmware downloaded from here. Since then I have gotten problems. Shortly, all CDs (except for CDRWs) made with that firmware are unreadable.

Please note that I have ignored this warning on Samsung’s site:

When you upgrade your firmware, please check the “Buyer” on your label of drive.
If you upgrade wrong firmware, you will have a problem in operating.
ex) SM-332B/*** 63BT123456 F/W=T403(***=Buyer)

because I didn’t understand what it meant.

Now I understand (maybe). The following line reports this:

Applied model : EXPORT

because I’ve noticed there are many firmware types. All here. Probably, I have upgraded my version with this firmware which is only for EXPORT (EXP) versions, so it doesn’t work.

My questions are:

  1. What does the warning mean exactly ?
  2. Why does it say “Applied model: EXPORT” if the firmware is R801COM.bin ? (COM is for overseas exported drives)

Help!! :sad:


Samsung’s firmware update system is quite illogical. They have posted a DVD Burner firmware as an update for a DVD-ROM drive…

Using the wrong “buyer” can wreck your drive’s ability to burn. You might try using other firmwares now to see if you can find one that works.


At least I am sure about a thing: my next burners will never be Samsungs :slight_smile:

Anyway I agree with you saying their F/W update system is quite illogical. For example, the RxyzCOM.bin firmware is for COM (= overseas -AND- domestic exported drives), which is different from the “Applied model: Export” firmware they say it is, which is for overseas circulation only.

May a wrong firmware usage have physically damaged my drive ? :Z I hope not!

Anyway I have the R801 COM firmware for EXP burners only. Clearly my drive isn’t EXP. Now I need to find a F/W for COM or DOM (DOM = COM - EXP) drives… any useful links ?


I Have Sw-252f F/w Ver. R806 With Ver. Ex. Com Samsung Has Liveupdate They Flash Firmware For You