Samsung SW-248F R604 FW problem

Hey. My Lite-On 52246S is undergoing an RMA, so in the interim, I have a Samsung SW248F which had the R603 firmware out of the box. On 22 March, Samsung released R604 FW which claimed to enable Mt Rainier capability in the drive. Flashed mine, but InfoTool says no Mt Rainer capability is enabled. Anyone else tried this flash?

I have a Samsung SW-248F shipped with firmware R602, I flashed the latest R604 firmware and Nero reports that the Mount Rainier function is still unavailable.
Samsung Tech Europe responded quickly to my query, but just stated that as of firmware revision R603, the Mount Rainier function was included…something’s not right somewhere, as it ISN’T…(or it isn’t recognised in Nero 5.5.1020, or any other burning program that i’ve installed…):confused:

This drive doesn’t seem to recognise BulkPaq x40 or x48 cd-r’s at their rated speed either…it will only burn them at x24 and x40 respectively…these discs have been tested in an MSI burner, an Artec and an LG, all x52 models, and all burnt the cd at x48 AND X52

Apart from these two niggles, the drive works fine and burns OK…

Any more information pertaining to this drive anybody…??


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Hey Gecko.
I emailed Samsung Korea, and they said that they had made a mistake, and Mt Rainier is actually NOT supported by this drive. They will update the info on their website soon.

OK,…thanks for the information,…i’ll email Samsung Tech Europe and let them know.
Just to know,…what cd-r’s do you use, and do they actually work at x48…?? none that i have here do, i get x40 max, as this drive picks the speed, and i cant change it. I use BulkPaq x48 cd-r’s that have no problem being burnt at x52!! in three other cd-rw’s MSI, Artech and LiteOn.
Thanks for the reply…:o)