Samsung SW-240B OEM FIrmware

Hello. I am the owner of a Samsung SW-240B OEM CDR/W. The drive has always had some peculiar behavior, such as it has to be ‘woken up’ after starting the computer by pressing the open button. The drive seems to ‘come alive’ then, and requires another press to open the bay door. I figured that I would be able to fix this with a firmware upgrade. The original firmware was BD11, which I later found out is Dell specific firmware. However, I tried to flash to firmware R403 using the Samsung flash loader ‘sfdnwin’. Of course, this firmware upgrade failed, and now my drive is no longer operational. It is still recognized under Windows Xp and the bios, but it no longer turns on. It does not lite up, and I can not get the loading tray to pop out. I am an idiot.

Does anyone know where I can get a copy of firmware BD11 for this drive, and do they know the best firmware update software for me to use? I like this drive, and would be very thrilled to have it operational again.

Thank you.