Samsung SW-240B firmware

I have a Samsung SW-240B CD-RW(40x12x40x), whose firmware version
is shown to be BD11. But I never saw any other place that mentioned this firmware. Anybody has any info? Are there any updates available? Thanks.

I saw samsung page has some updates, but I didn’t see this version. And don’t know whether this version is old or new.
BTW, my drive is made in 11/2002.

Interesting! That version is quite different from all of the others for this drive:

Could it be an OEM version or did you buy it in a Samsung box? Would you mind posting a screenshot of Nero InfoTool on this drive?

Thanks. Is there any way for me to upload an image here?

OK, I uploaded to another site

BTW, the drive came from Dell with my new PC.

I can view your screenshot by copying and pasting the link, thank you! We can’t host peoples images here for bandwidth’s sake :smiley:

Aha, so it is an OEM. You might have to look around at the Dell website for a firmware update. They do release them sometimes. I don’t think that the official Samsung flashers will work with your drive. be careful, many people have had serious problems with sfdnwin.exe, if you can, try using the DOS flasher.

Thanks so much!

Any luck?

Didn’t try to flash it. As nobody else mentioned this firmware, I dare not really try it:)

Dell doesn’t have any update either.

Yeah, it’s probably best not to do it…

This drive came pre-installed with my Dimension Desktop and gave me grief from day one! was it the Windows XP IMAPI Engine or EZCD I wondered? - who cares, I threw caution to the wind and updated firmware to R402 from the samsung site using their flash tools - now, works great! Indicator light turns red when burning - and green when reading - never noticed if it used to do that with the OEM firmware but anyway - in short, no problems updating firmware. Yeah, I took a risk but at least you guys can sleep a little easier knowing that I tested for ya - Yaso.

Wow this is a great news. Thanks. Are you able to backup its original firmware?

Originally posted by computation
Wow this is a great news. Thanks. Are you able to backup its original firmware?
Never thought about backing up the original firmaware - or even know if that’s somehow possible. I do know that you can upgrade/downgrade the R-series firmware using the Samsung flash tool at will - where one would get the “original” BD11.BIN file, I have no idea. Just for kicks - I upgraded to R403 to see if there would be any difference from R402 (knowing I had the power to go back to R402 helped with my courage a bit) - and I saw no difference in the two. Maybe R403 supports some newer media or something?? Best of luck - Yaso

I know that this is a very old thread, but I am having a similar. I have a SW-240B. It turns out that it is an OEM drive that used to have firmware BD11. Not knowing that it was an OEM drive, I tried to flash it using sfdnwin and firmware R403. This did not turn out well. No my drive is no longer in operation. It is seen by Windows, but I can not even get the drive tray to open. Does anyone know where to get BD11 and what the best flash utility is to use.

Thank you