Samsung SW-232B 32x Cd burner

Just got one to replace my older HP 9100i. Buffer is 8 Mb. Comes with Easy CD Creator 5 basic.
First it didn’t write faster than 8x. After tweaking with system settings and upgrading firmware from R300 to R301 it started writing CD with declared speed.
Weird thing though is that buffer level indicator during recording of first track shows 100%, then went down to 1-7% and stays there to the end of recording.
If anybody has that drive and knows tricks-of-the-trade your comments are welcome.


who owns Samsung SW-232B.
BTW, it’s working perfect, yesterday i’ve burned 5 CD-R on 32x and everything went smoothly. Drive is quiet and fast, but buffer level indicator still bothers me. May be it is software issue (ECDC 5)?