Samsung SW-212B Buffer Probs

I can only burn feliably at 2x although the drive is a 12x. The software is easy creator 4. The drive and software came with my computer. The system is new and has no other problems (so far). I upgraded the software to 4.05. The firmware on the drive is BS07. I did the speed tests for read speed on the drive and they came out OK so I’m guessing it’s not a physical problem. I went to the web site for the software but their suggestions are kinda obvious: don’t multitask & kill screensavers, ect. Can anyone suggest a fix?
Thank you.

This drive doesn’t have any buffer underrun protections, right?

I’ll give you some ideas to think about:

Is DMA enabled for all devices? harddrives, CD-Readers/writers.
Is the harddrive fragmented? run defrag…
Is the harddrive low on free space? Try to free up some space…
Are you trying to copy on the fly from a cd/dvd-rom? The CD/DVD-rom may be to slow…
Is there running any background CD-RW packet writing softwares? Like DirectCD? Try to close those when writing…

try using nero cuz EZ CD Creator sucks

The CD does this either; CD to CD, or from my C drive. I defraged last month it didn’t help. I have 7 gig of free space on C. The other CD is a 52x creative that is also new.
I haven’t tried a different program. I’ll check others out. A friend has the same program with a sony 12x and he cuts at 8x or 10x no prob. The drive has 8mb of buffer memory but no overrun protection.
The buffer overrun is often right at the beginning. As soon as I start cutting, the buffer will drop to 6 or 8% before the data start to pick up, most of the time it’s OK after that. This takes several seconds so I don’t know why this happens. Its an Athlon 1200 with 512mb of DDR ram so that shoulden’t be the problem.
I use Ctrl Alt Del to close any TRS’s except direct CD. I didn’t know if the easy CD creator would get offended if I closed Direct CD. I’ll try that. Thank you.:slight_smile: