Samsung SW-208F firmware query

OK…according to todays standards, this drive (Samsung SW-208F - 8x-4x-32x) is an antique but i was hoping someone could help me out with it…it doesn’t recognise blank media above 32x max speed…many have told me that this is a firmware problem…the current firmware version is FS07…i was hoping someone could direct me to or send me a firmware version for this drive that could make it recognise media above 32X…i would really appreciate any help in this regard cause i can’t buy a new drive right now and 32x media are no longer available where i m at!

Find a few firmwares here:

I would say use the M100 (Windows XP Compatible) update. It’s kind of funny how the firmware flasher must be run in Windows 98/ME though if the firmware is for Windows XP…

If the drive works with mtkflash, then I would say use MTK WinFlash.

Thanks dude!..that was a big help…saved me a lot of time actually searching for the bin file…however, i was at the HP site and they recommend that WinXP be installed to run the M100 update…that kinda confused me cause i think it shouldn’t matter what OS i m using for flashing to the EPROM of the drive, right!!? :frowning: