SAMSUNG SV1203N 120GB-Refurbished $14.98 (Includes shipping)

I know the drives are refurbished, IDE and 120GB but Samsung is a good HD brand, IMO, and for $14.98 including shipping is a great deal. I snagged two drives and I won’t be using them for anything critical but I can use them to build a couple of computers with parts I have laying around and for redundant backup copies of data. The deal won’t last long since it is a sale price.

Yes, if someone needs an IDE drive, $15 will be just about impossible to beat. I’d offer to mail you some of our dust-collectors, but that’d be about the shipping price!

Thanks for the thought. I bought two because I have some spare parts laying around that would let me build a couple of decent computers. I usually give them to family members or people I know that need a computer but can’t afford one. For this, these drives are perfect and 120gb of storage is a decent amount for a light user. They also had a 250gb SATA3 16mb Cache(6gb/s) WD Blue refurbished drive for $32 shipped. The WD drive was overkill for what I need them for and for $10-$15 more you can get a 500gb new HD shipped to your door.


You forgot one small detail e.g. [B][I]where to buy 'em[/I][/B]-eh yahoser!!

I swear the older I get the more mentally deficient I become. Here is a link:

Here’s the whole page of NewEgg’s REFURB drives… looks a lot like one of Hubby’s office dust-collector cabinets…

The nice thing - if they start up and run for an hour, they’ll probably run for years.

$19 for 7200rpm…

$22 for a 400Gb Seagate, but it’s only ATA100, not 133… ah well…

SATA’s start appearing about $23…

The other reason I went with the Samsung HD is the 5,400 rpm speed. I figure that might give it an edge for longevity since it sees less stress and heat. I have a couple of Samsung 5,400 rpm drives and they are decent performers.

I still have a sata/133 drive in operation in my backup system… so WHAT?!
The bios’s for those systems really preferred IDE over sata as a boot drive otherwise you’d have to futz with driver disks… ugh, what a headache… Today’s systems can load and run o/s’s on USB flash drives these days… so this requirement of specific hardware is dead… just buy newer equipment & update the o/s you lazy people!!