Samsung Super OLED 55 inch TV confirmed for spring launch



Show in January, will launch in the UK this spring.

OLED technology is currently used for some high-end smartphone displays, but it’s taken TV manufacturers quite a while to reproduce the same quality on a much larger screen.

In 2012 though, the latest OLED panels, which will also include a 55in model from LG, are set to land and promise to deliver less power consumption, perfect response times and ultimate picture quality. The technology is also able to differentiate varying degrees of blacks and shadows, so that users can enjoy tiny details even in the darkest of scenes.

Samsung’s new ultra-thin TV also boasts some great new features, including active-shutter 3D and the company’s own Smart TV technology, which includes voice and gesture control through a camera and a microphone integrated into the chassis.

The TVs are expensive to produce, so a pilot-run is expected in the spring, followed by the launch of more units by year end. Sources suggest that Samsung plans to mass produce the TVs by 2014.

You better get saving though; Samsung hasn’t revealed pricing yet, but the 55in panels are expected to cost upwards of £5,000.