Samsung sued over defective Blu-ray players



I just posted the article Samsung sued over defective Blu-ray players.

Early adaptors are known of their wish to buy everything that’s news. With paying the highest price and buying a product that’s not always fully tested, they take a risk. Now one early adaptor sued…

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Samsung needs to take care their customers. They are literaly late 6-8 weeks in giving firmware updates for new movies from Fox with BD+. But again all other players play fine and my PS3 plays fine. It’s just this model that has problems and Samsung released BDP-1400. They shouldve take care teh BDP-1200 first or at least recall and replace them with BDP-1400. I’m glad they sue Samsung.


I agree Samsungs support for their customers is awful here in Germany, some guys waited more than a week for Samsungs “24-hour”-support And maybe I never buy a Samsung-product again, only trouble with their HDDs


Next thing you know…all early adoptors will be sueing because their tech doesn’t support 2.0 profile discs…oh wait, even the newest blu-ray players out now don’t even support 2.0 spec discs…(besides PS3). Sux to be someone who buys a Blu-Ray Player even now, unless it is a PS3.


@ greensabath lets put your comment right!! while its true that the current players don’t support profile 2.0, they all still play the main film in HD so, its not FULLY supported, but supported none the less!! steveo :X


Great News!! Samsung please swap my 1200 for a 1400 !!