Samsung sucks, CDRoller Rules!

[qanda]This thread is about the Samsung SC-DC173U DVD Camcorder. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I have a sx dc103…guess it is not listed…no wonder.
Anyways, this Samsung camcorder sucks. It has lost two dvd’s out of 5…(corrupted discs).
Thanks to CDRoller and the help of “Paul”, I was able to retrieve my lost data, and my precious Easter memories…people who will not be with us much longer…I now have the videos.
I highly recommend CDRoller to retrieve your lost videos. I cannot say how grateful I am to them…Sherburd

Not listed? It seems it’s for the south american market or something.

Err, does this camcorder record directly to dvd? If not, why couldn’t you save the data files to a disk or something?

Jay for CDRoller i guess! :slight_smile:

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Tell me about CD Roller. I have the SUCKS DX103 as well and have some disks that won’t finalize - Disk Error while in the DVR! Did you use the trial version or the full version?