Samsung stops sales Windows RT tablets in Germany - weak demand



Samsung stops sales Windows RT tablets in Germany - weak demand.

[newsimage][/newsimage]A spokesman of Samsung has announced that Samsung will stop sales of their Windows RT tablets in Germany due to weak demand.

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That does not surprise me in the least the tablets are grossly over priced they can’t compete with anriod tablets and apple they should have known better.


Tablets are quickly becoming low priced throw away computing devices. Basically they are the “toasters” of the PC hardware world. Putting a $100 OS on one will never fly and MS needs to realize it can’t do its typical price gouging when its main competitor OS gives away copies for free. Watch what these cheap tablets with keyboard docks do to laptop sales in the upcoming years.


I foresee tablets reaching 12" to compete with current ultra books, and ultra books going the way of the dodo.
Now that all Windows pcs are based on Windows 8, and it’s tailored to finger/touch screen use, trackpads will become cumbersome to use, and pcs will become less popular.

If Microsoft sorts out it’s pricing and footprint, Windows might have a place in the future. How it stands now is exceptionally ominous.


I’m not sure what the Tablet-Chromebook-Ultrabook future will be.

It needs to attack the E-Readers, too - wipe them out - or incorporate them (“assimilate!!!”).

I just can’t imagine having 4 devices: SmartPhone (which James Bond uses to save the world)…

…a Tablet so I can dance around picnic tables, like TV ads depict (I’ve heard of sock-hops but those are Clamshell Hops, I guess - they spin, pirouette - next season’s hottest TV show will be [I]DEVICES GOT TALENT[/I] and [I]SO YOU THINK YOU’RE MORE TALENTED THAN A DEVICE[/I])…

…a Notebook so I can accomplish something…

…a Desktop so I can backup and accomplish more.

TWO of these seem appropriate and perhaps likely for some large percentage in the marketplace. I’d even suspect most consumers will get several at one time - but for their actual use? And then, as a Second Purchase or Upgrade? That’s going to be the sticking point, I think. “I really didn’t use it” is something I hear NOW about folks that don’t replace a Desktop or don’t replace a Notebook. “But I do use the other one…”


I’ll bet we’ll see more news reports like this one soon. America will probably be next.


[QUOTE=TSJnachos117;2680094]I’ll bet we’ll see more news reports like this one soon. America will probably be next.[/QUOTE]I think your right now that would be funny.