Samsung stops making 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray players


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Samsung has confirmed it will no longer make any new 4K / Ultra HD Blu-ray players. There were already rumors that the Korean electronics giant would pull out of the Ultra HD Blu-ray player market after it didn’t show any new models at IFA last year and CES this year.


I’m very surprised to see such a big name stop making such a new format like this. That says a lot.

Maybe Samsung doesn’t benefit from the Blu-Ray / Ultra HD patent royalties as much as the other manufacturers do too, making every unit they make more expensive. That’s pure speculation on my part.


I´m not sure whether Samsung still made those players complete by itself or did they bought the drive from the competitors?

And which claims Samsung have? There are some competitors like Panasonic, Sony and Pioneer which sell for sure not so many drives but still stay with 4K BD-players.


I think they are dropping it because there really isn’t much of a need for them anymore. Streaming content has become very easy and building an online library of movies is becoming more and more popular. I recently started using Roku boxes and this has been an eye opening experience. How it integrates with so many platforms and streaming providers is mind boggling. Plus, it integrates with Plex and makes your personal library of content available anywhere. Plex also integrates with certain broadcast tuners and allows streaming/recording of over the air TV content. For $4.99 per month I can have anything Plex covers available anywhere I have an internet connection. Including live local TV broadcasts. Also, the streaming quality using a Roku box is fantastic. It seems to me they have arrangements to receive higher bandwidth from many content providers. The playback of video files is done in high quality too.

To sum up, I wouldn’t trade our Roku boxes for any UHD blue-ray player. Plus, the smart functions in today’s TVs do much of what a Roku box can do. I just read a story about how Redbox is seeing a big drop in users. They are probably getting hit with the same issues as blue-ray players. IMO, the days of hard copy media is coming to a rapid end. A better way to distribute content would be USB drives. They could be plugged into any TV, computer, smartphone etc. and not be restricted to a single playback device.


Those of us who like discs do so because we like the ultimate in bitrates/quality, and one problem with rental discs is they get beat-up and don’t play.

You can’t plug a USB drive into any of my iGizmos but I like the point–why hasn’t flash memory been used for the purpose of delivering movies?


Flash-memory is much more expensive. Maybe OK for small amounts, but not for much amounts


My guess is the main reason to not go with flash memory is to have the securest DRM. Blue ray players use HDCP to add a layer of control and the disc makes you use a player. If they went with USB media then it could be plugged directly into a TV and played. Especially since nearly all HD/UHD TVs have USB ports and will play MKV files. Continuing with discs is just the movie industry refusing to adapt to the times and is one reason hard media has become less popular. They should give people options from discs to USB drives to micro SD (with a card reader included) etc.


Very educational, thanks UTR. And Tester_1 you are right, I had not thought of the cost.

It was interesting to me to see that MS is selling W10 on USB sticks apparently, which of course makes a LOT of sense particularly as lotsa portables are without disc drives in them. And of course MS charges big bucks for their software already!