‘Samsung starts to show advertisements in smart TV menu’



We’ve just posted the following news: ‘Samsung starts to show advertisements in smart TV menu’[newsimage]http://www.myce.com/wp-content/images_posts/2015/02/myce-samsung-smart-tv-95x75.jpg[/newsimage]

Samsung will start to show advertisements in the main menu of its smart TV platform in Europe.

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and what say do we, the customers, have in whether we want to see them? usually, the EU wont allow this sort of thing, so who in the EU Commission or other EU body has received a nice big amount of ‘encouragement’ to let Samsung get away with this?


More proof that big tech companies no longer consider people who buy their products as customers, but rather as serfs who rent their equipment in order to receive advertisements.


A good reason, at least for me, to stay away from samsung.


I have a Samsung TV. It also displayed ads on some screens. There was a menu option to turn off ads. There were still lots of pop ups about upcoming maintence, the odd ad, etc…  It drove me crazy.  I unplugged the ethernet cable. Problem solved.  I was using my ps4 for netflix so no biggie.


Given that Samsung has been using it’s TVs as remote listening devices, and transmitting audio recordings of it’s users across the internet with absolution no encryption, I think it’s safe to say that Samsung doesn’t care about it’s users’ privacy. Therefore, Samsung will probably use it’s spyware to display “targeted” advertisements the the users. They will also sell whatever information about you they can get to the NSA.