Samsung: SSD price to match HDD in "a few years"

I just posted the article Samsung: SSD price to match HDD in “a few years”.

If there was ever a question as to whether solid state drives would eventually match the price of hard disc drives, Samsung believes it has the answer.

"Flash on a dollar-per-gigabyte basis…

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If they surpass the bandwidth that rotational HDD gives by leaps and bounds and proves to be tougher (better longevity) than the more mature magneto disk technology then… I’ll bite. :smiley:

What’s the point. Read this report few days ago, turned me off the whole thing: “Flash SSDs Don’t Improve Your Notebook Battery Runtime – they Reduce It”,1955.html

I heard they become very slow when they are just about filled up. So that´s keeping me away for now.

I agree w/ Speedy. I’ve read reports, at least with Intel drives, that SSDs get really SLOW after an extended period of use. So, I’m going to wait until that problem gets fixed before jumping in.

Also, in dealing w/ the article…umm…SSD’s catching up in price to HDDs…hmm…man…I’m glad they came out w/ that statement, because man…I thought SSDs were rising in price…lol. I don’t think I needed Samsung to tell me that water is wet.

But woudn’t the price of regular HDDs come down at the same rate? So technically SSDs will never “catch up” to HDDs. You can already see 1.5TB HDDs going for less than $150.


Not according to Samsung. They say the chips inside SSD are largely responsible for the high costs. I think the subtext here is that HDD can’t come down much more than it already has, while there’s plenty of room for SSD to lower its pices.

And yes, vikampion, water will be wet – in just a few years. :slight_smile:

HDDs have a fixed cost to them. You can tell this by looking up prices for 40GB drives vs 80GB vs 120GB…etc. There is a bottom line price to hard drives, while with SSD, the price is only determined by the flash chips inside the drives