Samsung Sp2514n 250 Hd

Just ordered one of these drives for £59.99, are they good drives, opinions please.

Haven’t had one of Samsung’s P120 series, but surely best Samsung drives yet. I’m waiting for Samsung’s 400-500GB HDDs.

hahaha i just got my hands on one of these babies in the pc world sale today for the same price! just stuck it in one of my usb enclosures and all seems to be going well (after spending ages formatting it) just backing up 70GBs worth of mp3’s to it now :slight_smile: a review i read an hour ago gave it 10/10 i personally prefer samsung and seagate but thats just me :slight_smile:

And now, can you tell us what you think about your new Samsung HDD’s? Are they quiet enough? Any problems yet?

no probs so far :slight_smile: , my systems all sound like 747’s so its hard to tell how loud they are.

They are quiet as hell

No problems here, working fine.

But their 400gb drives will kick ass, even in performance!

Some people say Samsung HDD’s are prone to fail very easily. Maybe that would apply to older series…

total opposite over here, never heard anybody say that.

Just ordered a SP2514N, I hope I won’t regret it like I did with the WD Caviar.


no problems here with it aswell, my maxtor make the noise so can’t tell you on the noise levels

i had to reformat due to other problems and was expecting a long format but i have acronis true image and it only took 20 seconds, well impressed :bow:

a lot better than windows :Z

i just stuck it in an enclosure and used disk management to make 2 partitions (splitting it 50/50) then used a full format as using a full format also checks for bad sectors etc which i always like to do with a new drive, which is why it took so long