Samsung, Sony, LG, Hitachi and Toshiba named in price fixing suit

A home electronics store located in East Haven, Connecticut has filed a class action lawsuit accusing LG, Hitachi, Sony, Samsung and Toshiba of collusion and price fixing in the optical drive market.

Prisco Electric Co. states the companies are co-conspirators and have attempted to “fix, raise, maintain and stabilize the price of Optical Disk Drive Products sold in the United States.”

The US Dept of Justice has been investigating claims of anticompetitive conduct in the optical drive market since last October.

The story is here:

Well if that’s true I guess they need to be spanked so nobody tries this kind of thing but the prices I see on most burners and things makes me think they aren’t doing a very good job of it if that’s the case.

If they have focused their recent attention on Blu ray media and drive prices, then I’d say they are fairly effective there on maintaining high prices to the public.

Hadn’t thought about BD drives and your right. The media and drives are still jacked up in price but it seems at least the burners are slowly dropping in price.
I have a GGW20L and I’ve only used the included BD-RE disk a few times becuase blanks are so spendy for now. I bought it as much for full support of the competing HD formats as anything and figured I’d start actually burning HD disks with it when the media prices finally drop.
I’ve been doing AVCHD disks to dvd and playing my HDTV caps that way, way cheaper and looks and sounds like the originals.