Samsung SN-325S on Dell Dimension Error

My slim Samsung CDSW/DVD SN-325S on my Dell Dimension 4700C failed to run. Setup (F2) is showing SN-325S as CD drive, but Device Manager is showing some funky “SAMSUOG! CERW/EVE SN-334S” Device cannot start. Tried the following:

  1. Uninstalling and reinstalling drive. Able to found new hardware on reinstall, but just would not start, still displayed funky device name.

  2. Checked both Samsung and Dell sites, and can only see SN-324F and SN-324B drivers. Tried both drivers and not work. (SFDNWIN gave “Drive not found” error. Clicked ok and tried to load U306.bin. Firmware not match.)

  3. Running Dell System Utility vA06.

  4. Updating driver with windows defaults.

Notice all drivers and firmware on vendor sites are all out of date, could be they are all discontinued…

Really appreciate any help! This is driving me nuts, since it’s not totally dead (setup sees the drive as well as device manager), just don’t want to give up!

Thanks a lot in advance!!

Check the connection or replace the ide cable.

Hi, and Welcome!

The strange name is mostly an indication of problems with the IDE cable. Check the connections and the cable. If in doubt, replace it by an 80 wired, 18" (45 cm) flat ribbon cable.


Thanks guys for the prompt replies! The cable I have is one of those really flat ones that’s almost paper thin, copper in color, not the usual IDE cables where you can see the wires embedded within. One end is 3 pin that connects to the drive and the other end is the usual black connector to the board. Shall I get the thicker usual types that are 18"? Would that work in my ultra-slim desktop?

Much appreciate all your help! :slight_smile:


There are rather good manuals on Dell website . It seems as if this is a special type of cable,

so a standard cable won’t work. Also, the drive is a slim type like those used in notebook computers.
So there is nothing left but checking the cable carefully if it is properly attached and not damaged in any way.

Perhaps giving the people from Dell support a call isn’t a bad idea, in order to get a replacement cable.


yes, that’s exactly it, michael! that’s the kind of cable on my slim dvd rom… will give dell a go tho unfortunately warranty is out, hope they won’t overcharge me.

thanks a ton!