Samsung sn-324s combo drive issue

CDRW/DVD Combo drive
I’ve had this problem for years now, the drive is what came inside my dell Inspiron 1150 Laptop computer around the year 2003.

After a year or so the CD Drive stopped reading all types of CD’s, but still ran DVDs perfectly. I have no idea on the status of CD writing however.

Eventually I got tired of this and couldn’t find a fix. So I assumed the laser was broken and I bought a duplicate drive.

So I throw the new drive in and it works perfectly for about a day. Now its been another 2 years and I still can’t run CDs, installing games has become quite a chore coupled with low hard drive capacity.

There must be some kind of firmware or driver or SOMETHING out there I can update this soon-to-be brick with. I’ve been looking into this for many years now and I’ve seen a lot of people with the exact same problem. But never any solutions, just dead ends. Finally one google search brought me here, to another dead end. But I’ll give it a shot asking this community.

Any suggestions?

Hi and Welcome!

to sort out hardware issues, please get a bootable Live Linux CD (Kanotix, Ubuntu, Damn Small Linux, etc.) - ask a friend with broadband internet and a working CD burner to help - and try to boot from the drive. You’ll have to activate the boot menu (if present) or change the boot priority in Bios accordingly.
If the hardware is okay, then you should be able to boot one of these CDs.