Samsung SN-324F stopped reading DVDs and CDRWs

The drive was working fine for about 30 days(guaranty period ):confused: 2 days ago the drive stopped reading DVDs ,so when you put a DVD in to the optical drive it makes noise but does not say that there is even a CD in the Drive. However, it reads Audio CD’s, and normal CDs. Help me please. Is the drive dead or something can be done? Thank you in advance.

One post is enough. I’ll close this thread but leave this one open. :cop:

Are you feeding it with pressed DVD media or recordable media? If the latter, what format is that, -R or +R.

According to the manufacturer it doesnt read +R media.

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One post is enough. I’ll close this thread but leave this one open. :cop:
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The drive stoped reading all kinds of DVD(like movies) and I tried CDRW wich it did not read too. Everything else it is able to read. Sorry,for creating problems with 2 posts. So what do You think it is?
Everything worked fine before,so it can’t ba a firmware or software problem I think.

Well it could be that the drive is getting bad or the lense got dirty but before returning/replacing it there are a few things you can still try.

  1. Check you IDE cables - try moving the drive to a different position (primary/secondary - master/slave)
  2. Update your IDE/chipset drivers
  3. Update the drive’s firmware
  4. If you have installed 3rd party ASPI, check if the layer is properly installed

Finally if it is possible move the drive to a different computer to check if it exhibits the same behaviour in another system. If so, and the guarantee has already expired you can always try to clean the lense. If its still under guarantee simply return it.