Samsung SM352-B vs LiteOn LTC-48161H Vs Lite-on SOHC-5232K

I’m in need of a new dvd-rom for use with my Pioneer 106. After reading the review on cdfreaks I’ve come across 3 alternatives(as I want cdr writing capability as not to wear the dvd writer out with writing cd’s).

Samsung SM352-B
LiteOn LTC-48161H
Lite-on SOHC-5232K

After checking the forum there still seems to be a lot of confusion :confused: about which is the best drive. I’ll be needing it primarily for

DVD ripping
DVD-R reading
Medium cd writing use

I don’t care about cost/value, I just need a reliable drive that will be able to read/ripp dvd originals & -R. Can anyone recommend any of the three based upon those requirments(sorry if this has been discussed but I tried searching the forum to no avail!) Any help? :slight_smile:

Ahh come on guys a little help?, I’m opting for the SM-352B unless I hear otherwise it seems the best choice…