Samsung sm-352B problem

Hi! I have a problem with my samsung sm-352B . I could never burn a ultra speed cdrw at 24x but only at 16x . I decided to install a new firmware (T806) but there is no change . Can anyone help me with this ?

I found a similar problem depending on what brand the blank CD-RW is. If it’s Memorex…16X. Mitsubishi Chemical (Imation or Verbatim Ultra speed…24X

Check the brand


It is a Memorex ultra speed 16X-24X cd-rw . someone else told me the same, maybe it is this , which woldn’t help a lot…

i have firmware T808 and driver doesnt want to burn on maximum speed on memorex 52x blank CDs, only will burn at 40x max…
anyone know good 52x blank CDs brand that works with sm-352B…?