Samsung SM-340B Errors

I am trying to fix my friends samsung sm-340b cd-rom combo drive but it is proving to be quite a frustrating business so far.

Detail of the problems
I wanted to burn a bin/cue file, first cdr media i tried was a taiyo yuden cdr the burning program i used was alcohol 120%, this completed after 20 mins very slow drive, the vcd that was meant to be burnt on the cdr was not there and the disc become a coster i checked it on two different computers nothing there. I decided not to waste anymore cdrs so i thought i would use cdrw datawrite disc instead with alcohol 120% it says disc is not empty when it is so i decide to format the disc i get an error saying power calibration error.

I know discs are not faulty batches because i use them on two separate computers.

After repeated attempts and the same error, I chose to use another program stefan haglund free cdbxp this would not burn a iso file which is the same as the bin/cue file that i wanted to burn. The error messages would be power calibration and write lead-in area error. These attempts were made with the taiyo yuden and datawrite cdrw discs.

The strange thing is that samsung sm-340b will read the burnt bin/cue cd which has been burnt on my other computer.

My last idea was to unplug the samsung-340 drive from my friends machine and setup my cd burner on his computer instead. The first time i load up alcohol 120% and burn bin/cue file with a cdrw. I get a perfect vcd with no errors.

Sorry for the long winded explanation. Any Ideas how i can get this piece of crap to work properly, the sm-340b drive is updated with latest driver that i could obtain.